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Ranking of the best automotive compressors in 2018

>Compact-sized automotive compressors are increasingly beginning to acquire motorists who do not want to depend on the location of gas stations. Having a similar device with you, any motorist will be able to pump up the tires of his vehicle at any

The most beautiful cars of the world: photo

For creators of luxury cars, their offspring is a work of art. Ideal shapes and impeccable style are embodied in favorite vehicles. If the opinion of buyers coincides with the opinion of the creators of the car, then such a project will be

How not to be mistaken with the choice of driving schools?

>Almost everyone dreams of their own car. After all, we all want not to depend on the schedules of fixed-route taxis, or not to push in the mornings and evenings in public transport, getting to work or on business. And cheers, you have already

Driving license replacement

There is an opinion that the replacement of a driver's license requires from motorists having a huge amount of free time and "steel" nerves. However, no matter how desirable, but to avoid this procedure, if the expiration date of the document comes

Features and parameters in the selection of spark plugs

>Each motorist has his own technique for selecting the spark plugs of the injector. In most cases, car owners buy cheap products or those advised by acquaintances or friends. This approach to the selection of spare parts is not allowed.Spark plugs

Top 10 vintage cars of the ussr: photos and description of

The Soviet car industry attracted the attention of many. At one time, officials and heads of large factories traveled by domestic cars. Today, these cars are appreciated by collectors. Rare cars are expensive and look unusual. Rating the most retro

Self repair or contact the service station

Not the easiest and most pleasant procedure is to repair the car on your own. Especially if the car is relatively new and the repair must be approached with extreme caution and professional skills. Of course in the repair of the car on its own has

Choose the best polish; how to properly maintain the glass

>Currently, the market is filled with all kinds of auto-chemistry, allowing you to independently take care of your car. No exception and means to eliminate scratches and polishing windshield. How not to be mistaken, choosing from all this variety?

Types and selection of the best car suspension

>Speaking about the main components of the car, we often remember the engine, transmission and body, completely forgetting about the suspension, or, as it is often called, the chassis. However, the value of the suspension is difficult to

List of the world's longest highways from different

>Highway - long stretches of road connecting several cities, countries. The largest - connect dozens of states. Have they surrendered to us? Why write an article? Isn’t it interesting to drive on modern highways in China, drive by the potato
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