Auto tips

Your car service: how to open your business

Own business His business, his business - the dream of many. And today I want to open my eyes to the men's business - auto repair. What you need to create it? The most common reason for contacting a repair is a crumpled body after an accident.

Rent a car in the usa

Many residents of metropolitan areas of the United States move by public transport, preferring his own car. In the suburbs, the situation is quite the opposite. A car is simply necessary for trips to the city for shopping or for a family holiday in

The best winter tires for cars of budget, medium and premium

>The choice of tires for car owners is an important and responsible event. In many ways, road safety, stability and the ability to make the necessary maneuvers depend on them. There are more responsibilities for winter tires, because in one season

Preparing a car for the winter

Winter time always makes motorists pay special attention to their vehicles. In winter, drivers tend to face such troubles as high humidity, low temperature and slippery road surface. Checklist for preparing a car for the winter To prepare your car

How to pump a hydraulic jack

An indispensable device for lifting cars is a jack. He put in new cars as a mandatory repair equipment. For passenger cars, a mechanical device is enough, but in order to lift trucks, hydraulics is indispensable. Like any mechanism, a jack can fail,

Sure deceleration: brake fluid manufacturers rating

>When choosing technical fluids, motorists carefully study all the information about oils, and in some cases consult with experts about which antifreeze is suitable for their car. About brake fluid is often simply forgotten, buying the first

Which cars are the most reliable

When buying a car, most citizens seek to balance all the criteria for evaluating a vehicle, and as a result, a final choice is made on the basis of some decisive factor. This factor is the trouble-free operation of all components and mechanisms of

Where to take the right after deprivation

Согласно нормам закона забирать водительское удостоверение сотрудник ДПС не имеет права. Однако, такой тип наказания, как лишения прав за определенные нарушения на дороге остался. Таким образом, не каждый водитель понимает, do I need to take the

Vehicle passport replacement - title exchange procedure

Each car owner has a vehicle passport on his car. In fact, this document is necessary only in the case of selling a car to a new owner. There are cases when the PTS is lost or there ends up a place for inscribing a new car owner. In such cases, it

Types of sealants for car body and their proper use

>Liquid gaskets or otherwise called sealants for cars appeared on the markets relatively recently. But during this period they managed to demonstrate their practicality and the need for different situations. The most important function performed
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