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Rating of the best additives for automotive engines

>The analogy between a car engine and a human heart, although perceived by many as a stamp, is essentially very accurate. The same can be said about atherosclerosis and corrosion - both processes act destructively. In the first case - in relation

How to choose a battery for the car correctly

>With the need to buy a new battery face all car owners. After all, the life of the car battery is only 3-4 years, after which it begins to act up or completely become unfit. Particularly relevant is the question of choosing a new battery in the

What to choose: kia rio sedan or hatchback

>Since that time, the famous designer of the Audi company Peter Schreier became the chief designer of Kia Motors, and subsequently the Hyundai Motor Group (Hyundai-Kia), to determine which is better than the Kia Rio sedan or hatchback the buyer is

Why can a gas cylinder explode on a car

Nissan Murano 1st generation bitter experience from owning this monster Nowadays, gas installations are considered very popular among car enthusiasts, and many believe in the safety and relevance of such equipment, although here you can highlight

Gas filling machines - the pros, cons and features

>Every year more and more people become owners of cars. On the market are available cars of any price segments from super-budget to exclusive, so everyone can choose a suitable option for the budget. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to do

Recommendations for the selection of flushing oil for the

>Even if the car owner chooses the best quality oils for his car, it changes them in time, the gradual process of the formation of deposits and pollution is inevitable. And when they do not take care of the machine properly, they try to get by

What are the advantages of 8-and 16-valve engines?

>Most budget cars are equipped with four-cylinder engines, and even in the premium class, high-performance units of similar design gradually begin to appear.Such an engine can be equipped with various intake systems involving the use of eight or

Features of the choice of gum for janitors

>Janitors belong to the category of goods to which few people pay due attention until they cease to function normally. Poor cleaning of the glass surface while driving when it is snowing or raining not only affects aesthetic comfort, but also

Comparative analysis of narrow and wide tires in winter

>Often, motorists puts in an awkward position the choice of the next tires. For some branded products have to pay a lot of money, and more budget options cause a lot of doubt. True, to solve the issue with the purchase of "correct" tires can be

Winter starts: we compare the hardiest batteries for winter

>A serious decrease in air temperature is very bad for the condition of the car. First of all, the engine suffers, which has to scroll its moving parts in thickened lubricant, however, the battery gets a lot, and it starts to discharge
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