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Leasing terms for individuals per vehicle

With the development of financial instruments, the possibilities of consumers of goods and services are expanding. After all, more recently, what is car leasing for individuals knew a limited number of people in our country, since the service was

No stains: choose a car interior cleaner

>After a long use of the car on the upholstery of its seats, stains inevitably appear - dirt is transferred onto them from people's clothes, and also enters in the form of dust and particles adhering to the soles of shoes.Experts recommend to

Which car engine is better to choose - diesel or gasoline

>The dispute of motorists about which type of engine for vehicles is better, has lasted for several decades. On the issue of choosing a car engine, two opinions can be distinguished - one in favor of the gasoline engine, the other - in

The best summer tires in 2018

>Every motorist who tries to monitor the technical condition of his car regularly changes consumables and checks the condition of tires. As a rule, the choice of the optimal tire model becomes a big problem, especially in those cases when a car

The most reliable suv for russia

The high popularity of SUVs among domestic motorists is due to the fact that no other car will have so many obvious advantages. The most reliable SUV for Russia is a jeep with a powerful engine, enhanced wheelbase, comfortable and roomy interior,

How to use yandex navigator on android and ios in the car

The modern infrastructure of roads and various junctions is regularly improved and modernized. There are new shorter roads between settlements. Track these changes is possible only with the help of digital mobile technologies. It is useful in this

The most dangerous roads in the world

>For many people, traveling by car along different roads is a real adventure, an opportunity to see the world, to see something interesting and unusual.There are many roads that you want to go and drive. They are even, neat, wide enough, which

All car brands with badges and names

More than a hundred years in the service of humanity are cars. Their first self-made designs were made by self-taught in artisanal conditions. Later, entrepreneurs, for example, Henry Ford, put this process on the conveyor, and gave the maximum

Choosing a car for a girl

In the process of choosing a car, men and women pay attention to different criteria and characteristics. For men, it is important to have a powerful, reliable and presentable car, while a woman will choose a beautiful and elegant model. If you want

Rating of dvrs with additional remote cameras

>The DVR has long ceased to be an expensive device available only to owners of premium cars - now you can see it under the glass of every other car. Moreover, most of these devices belong to the category of single-channel, that is, receiving an
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