Auto tips

Best recommendations for novice drivers

>What is not taught in a driving schoolThe newly minted drivers license immediately grab the keys and hit the road. But often such drivers with minimal experience face great difficulties on the road. While driving courses are completed with a

Comparison of parking sensors and rearview camera

>Any driver with experience at least once, but be sure to get into such an unpleasant situation as hitting an obstacle when parking. This problem is particularly relevant for large cities, where the lack of parking spaces makes drivers show the

What car equipment more rational

>The cars that manufacturers create can have a different look and feel. Usually, the salons offer basic equipment and the buyer himself can choose his own option, based on the resources of the car factory. You do not know which vehicle equipment

The choice of additives for power steering

>Power, which is often used in the steering mechanism of modern cars, greatly facilitates the life of the driver, reducing his level of fatigue and improving concentration on the road situation.However, this expensive node creates a lot of

How much is the most expensive car in the world

The global community of car owners today has about half a billion people. In this mass company, drivers drive a variety of vehicles, differing in size, color, year of manufacture, performance and price. The final price tag is influenced by the most

Rating of the most successful ads for selling cars

>What you need to know in order to quickly and profitably sell your car, even if it is supported? What are the ways to sell it soon known? It turns out that the most important thing is successful ads for the sale of cars that need to be presented

Anti-theft systems for cars: rating of 2016

At present, it is impossible to imagine the operation of a car without the use of an alarm Many car owners, both beginners and experienced, the question arises about which anti-theft systems are the best. This choice is quite difficult to make,

The best car fm transmitters

>New gadgets for carsMany drivers behind the wheel love to listen to music. We turn on the car radio before we start the engine. It so happened. Someone just listening to your favorite FM station is enough. And someone does not like to hear an

How to choose a driving school

To date, a large number of driving schools offers to use the services of training for a driver's license. Each driving school has certain advantages and disadvantages. Differences may relate to the course program, vehicle fleet and general learning

Features of the choice of capacitor for car subwoofer

>A car subwoofer is an acoustic system that functions to produce low frequencies in the audio range. Car subwoofer improves sound quality, reduces the load on the speakers.At present, almost every driver equips his car with music devices. Often
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