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Deprivation of driving license for alcohol and drug

Alcohol and drug intoxication at the wheel С осени 2017 года наказание за езду в состоянии наркотического или алкогольного опьянения стало строже. Раньше водителя ожидало лишь лишение прав. С этого года article 12.8 редактирована, и наказание для

What to choose - dvr or action camera

>In the modern world, at a frantic pace of life, where everyone is rushing about their business, it is difficult to keep track of all the details (sometimes very important) that occur during movement. This will help a special gadget - DVR or

The right choice of tires for a car

>Motorists who have got behind the wheel not so long ago should understand: what kind of tires for passenger cars are used for depends on safety and comfort when traveling around the city and beyond. As a rule, each novice driver, when confronted

The approximate length of the stopping distance of the car:

Every driver at least once turned out to be literally a couple of seconds from the accident, when it is vital to have time to brake. However, to get up, as a car dug at the team can not. The distance that he will travel from the beginning of the

Top russian car magazines

>Despite the rapid development of Internet technologies, print publications are still in demand. Automobile magazines are especially popular with the male population. Diverse articles help busy and active men to stay abreast of global automotive

Death roads - satanic dead end

Satanic dead end В месте под названием «Satanic dead end», что на Южном Урале, пролегает шоссе, а на нем повышенная аварийность. Причем лишь на семикилометровом участке дороги. За сутки улетают в кювет или сталкивается несколько автомашин.

The better to lubricate the cv joints?

>Front-wheel drive cars have a lot of advantages - in most cases, they are easier and easier to manufacture, and also have better maneuverability on slippery roads. However, they also have some drawbacks, for example, the use of the CV Joints in

Choosing a car for your beloved

What should be guided by a man when buying a car for his beloved The car is the most gorgeous gift for the woman he loves. Of course, there are plenty of other options, and it seems to many that such a gift is too generous, but no one forbids to

How to check the car for accidents without any devices

Purchase a used car Nowadays, the turnover of the domestic secondary automotive market significantly exceeds the similar sales figures for new vehicles. When buying a used car of the future owner, first of all, it is interested in its technical

We start the car with a pusher

All motorists were faced with a problem associated with a battery that was not running out of power in time. And unfortunately, it happens at that moment, when it is simply unreal to do without a car. But, probably, everyone knows that you can start
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