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Buy a used ford explorer

>Today, many motorists and those who do not yet have their own car, dream to get this big SUV, which even our Russian roads would be on the shoulder. Although it is difficult to contain such a giant, but you feel as if in a tank, which is not

What is the difference between a crossover and an suv?

In the modern world, SUVs and crossovers are particularly popular due to their high degree of safety and maneuverability. However, not many people know the difference between a crossover and an SUV, taking these types of bodies for the same thing,

Rating of the best antennas for the car

>It is nice when gentle and melodious sounds of music fly out in the car, and at the same time horrible and disturbing nerve endings of interference do not appear in the background. Today, manufacturers produce various models of radio antennas for

How to choose winter tires for the car

The approach of cold weather, the prolonged fall of the year and the rare morning frosts call for motorists to “overshoot” their vehicle. The question of which winter tires are best to choose does not lose its relevance since the manufacturers have

Fasten a car trailer to your car

Drivers who need to have a trailer in their car, after its purchase, face difficulties with its fasteners. In this article we will talk about all the nuances of fasteners trailer to the car. For a start, it is necessary to issue a trailer in the

How to make the most taxi driver?

The work of the driver of a private cart brings a good income. This profession is unique in that everyone who has a car can work there. Of course, there are some rules here: having a car and driving license. You can work as a driver, investing all

Is it possible to cheat the breathalyzer

During the operation of the vehicle, a situation may arise when the police, after stopping the driver, asks for a blood alcohol test. For this process, law enforcement agencies use a portable and accurate device with instant output. The consequences

Features of the choice of hydraulic jacks for cars

>Every motorist, experienced and not very familiar with such a device as a jack. That jack allows you to lift and fix the car if necessary repairs. There was a problem at home or on the road - no difference. Without a jack to repair will not

What cars are collected in russia

Mentally reeling time back for 25 - 30 years, you can sincerely be surprised by the then automotive diversity. The roads of the USSR and later Russia were plowed by Zhiguli, Muscovites, GAZs, etc. There were practically no foreign cars, and those

How to choose a car bu

The first car at most drivers is a used car, bought with it. How to choose the right car when buying on the market or via the Internet, we will tell in our article. Not all motorists tend to trust newly-fledged Asian brands, making a choice in favor
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