Auto tips

How much does it cost to get right

The future driver at the preparatory stage of training is quite difficult to calculate how much it costs to learn the law, as well as the entire amount of expenses for the course at a driving school. Often for classes in a driving school is paid a

What to do and where to call if you hijack a car

Car owner can bring not only joy, but also unpleasant experiences. This is due to frequent hijackings, which are estimated at more than $ 20 billion annually in the world. Even with the help of modern security systems, it is difficult to avoid such a

Как определить размер шин

The main task of road safety is to reduce accidents. Meanwhile, ruthless statistics claims that a huge proportion of accidents occur because of a disregard for the condition of cars. Any driver, no matter how experienced and careful he is, should

Features of choosing the best wax for the car

>After a long operation of the car, its body under the active influence of the external environment is covered with many chips, scratches, and other defects. Unfortunately, this process is inevitable, as it is the result of hitting stones and

Types and best models of winches for off-road vehicles

>SUVs are called cars with a high level of terrain and operation in difficult conditions. Often, the operation of an SUV is not limited to driving on dirt and country roads, the owners use it in the mode of complex obstruction. In such conditions,

The solution to the problem of fogging automotive glass

A motorist should remember that the main thing is to ensure safety on the road for both himself and pedestrians. In winter, fogging in the car makes this issue even more relevant. This problem has its own prerequisites and solutions. About why this

The list of cars falling under the luxury tax in 2015-2016

The state seeks to redistribute incomes for various citizens. More affluent residents of the country according to this scheme pay a large amount to the budget when buying premium class goods. These products include luxury cars. Under current law,

Recommendations for choosing summer tires for the car

>The practical majority of cars acquire an unsightly appearance and technically wear out before their time only through the owner’s fault, any car will please the owner with long and trouble-free work only when he treats his property with care and

How to connect a subwoofer to an amplifier in a car?

The presence of a subwoofer can significantly improve the performance of the car's speaker system, but this will be possible only if properly connected to the amplifier. Unfortunately, this operation is not as simple as it seems to many. In order for

Rating spark plugs for the car

>Spark plugs - this is such a detail of the car, without which the car simply will not start and will not go. Similar products work in the most extreme conditions. They then take over the working mixture formed from the air and gasoline vapors,
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