Auto tips

How to choose the best baby car seat for your child

>Carriage of babies in the car is an extremely important occupation for parents. However, not everyone understands the level of insecurity that children may be exposed to during transportation.After all, a sufficient part of the children in the

Homemade gsm alarm system for the garage

For car owners living in the private sector, a private car is almost always close by. Therefore, they have less reason to worry about the safety of their movable property. Drivers who live in apartments usually put cars in garages that are far enough

Rating of car dealerships of st. petersburg

>Such a big city like St. Petersburg is ready to offer residents and guests of the cultural capital a wide range of car dealerships, where you can not only buy a new car, but also receive a whole range of additional services. The SPb car dealers

How to choose a car for a girl? top 5 tips

Representatives of the weaker sex is always difficult to please with a gift. If you decide to give her a car, the responsibility increases several times. It is necessary to ask in advance about how she sees her future car. How to make a choice and

The best tires from china for cars

>Only you decide which tires are best to use for your car. Someone can afford to spend a large amount of money and buy a set of quality tires from a leading manufacturer.Другие стараются найти оптимальное решение в недорогом сегменте. В таких

Recommendations for choosing rims for the car

>The global auto industry is doing everything possible and impossible to meet the demands of more and more people. Every month dozens of new models are offered - if only there were plenty to choose from. Indeed, a long time ago, the times have

10 tips for driving comfort

While driving, your hands and upper body experience a lot of stress. By following these simple tips, you can safely reach your destination with less pain and effort. Properly arrange your driver's space Sit straight in the seat and feel the

Choosing the most economical car

When car owners choose the most economical cars for themselves, each of them is guided by different desired parameters. Someone is looking for a more environmentally friendly transport, caring for the environment. Someone picks up a non-capricious

Pros and cons of computer car diagnostics

>Every motorist knows the quality of the ride depends on the technical condition of the vehicle. Paying attention to the car and repairing it as needed, the owner reduces the risk of sudden breakdowns. Thus, timely warning and troubleshooting

How to get a driver's license of international standard

Driving outside of one’s own country sometimes puts citizens before the fact that it is necessary to get an international driver’s license. Even if a person is going to travel without a vehicle, but plans to rent a car abroad, then such a certificate
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