Auto tips

Rating the best movies about cars

>IntroductionA modern film fan, and even a simple lover of high-quality foreign films, can lose his head from the number of commercials in which there are new ultra-modern cars. To date, you can count about fifty interesting stories in which, in

How to arrange a sale of a used car

The rules for buying used cars in Russia changed quite often in the direction of simplification. How to buy a car with hands in 2016 - 2017, we will tell in our article. The way of purchase in this case is not important, this announcement will be via

How to park in reverse

The ability to park is a very important skill that every driver must possess. However, in reality, a little paradoxical situation develops: in spite of the fact that parking skills are tested in all, without exception, in exams in the traffic police,

The best gps trackers to protect the car

>Cars with navigators, alarms and all kinds of cameras will surprise no one. But it is important to ensure safety in the car, not only while driving, but also to protect the car itself from being hijacked. Many put simple alarms, although in fact

Recommendations for choosing the color of the car

>If we take into account that when buying a new car in the first place is always a specific brand and model, then the second place can be safely given to the color of the car. It is this factor that often becomes a stumbling block between family

How much alcohol wears off

Many vehicle drivers abuse alcohol. This leads to fines, a threat to the lives of participants in the accident and an accident. It is very important not to drink alcohol before driving a car. Content1 What determines the rate of removal of alcohol2

Top car battery chargers

>Every car owner must take care of the uninterrupted operation of the battery, an essential component of electrical equipment, without which engine start is not possible. The failure of the battery as a result of the discharge is a rather frequent

Choosing a used hyundai elantra

>The car, about which it can be said that it is poorly tailored, but sewn quite firmly. And indeed, to meet the Hyundai Elantra is necessary not on clothes, but on the mind - or rather, in terms of reliability and good handling. Our article is

The best springs on the wha

>When the back of the car begins to sink strongly, it is necessary to replace the suspension springs. "Fatigue" of this part creates a lot of inconvenience:ground clearance of the car is reduced, because of which the muffler and the rear end bump

Where is more profitable to take a car loan in 2018

>Not all citizens can buy a car by unfastening a tidy amount of cash, and you can save for a dream for years, besides, this option is not always possible to be carried out. Modern financial and credit organizations provided a solution to the
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