Auto tips

Recommendations for the correct choice of daytime running

>Increasingly, cars from the factory are equipped with high-quality and highly efficient daytime running lights. And car owners, on whose machines the DRLs were not provided by the plant, themselves install such devices, rightly considering them

Rating of the highest quality budget dvrs

>It is impossible to deny the benefit of the DVR, as practice shows, this device is one of the most important and useful car accessories. The point, of course, is not in the aesthetic component, such a device is often enough able to facilitate the

How to take a car on credit

Currently, a huge number of people are wondering how to buy a car on credit. And this is no accident, since the modern pace of life sets its own rules. Everyone knows that a personal vehicle is not a piece of luxury and wealth, it is a way to quickly

How to calculate gas mileage

Automakers in the technical documentation for the car and in the brochures quite accurately indicate the fuel consumption per 100 km. With one “but”: the given consumption rates are averaged, calculated almost in ideal driving conditions and for a

In perpetual motion: which motors are most reliable?

>Among motorists of any age there are legends about “million-plus motors”, which are able to overcome huge distances without significant breakdowns and even more so - complete failure. Some believe that such stories are very exaggerated, and the

Comparison of anti-foggers for car windows - which tool is

>Most of the drivers during their experience of travel came in a situation when the misted glass brought serious discomfort. Particularly unpleasant is that it manifests itself in rain, snow or fog - when road conditions are the most dangerous. In

Japanese car brands: a detailed list with photos

The automotive industry of the Rising Sun was born in the prewar 30-40s. The list of brands of Japanese cars of those times was not so wide. The entire model range was almost completely written off from the British and American popular auto brands at

The best car navigation with the function of informing about

>Living in a big city with car owners has several advantages, but also has some disadvantages. One of them is a large number of traffic jams. To know where to go and which roads are best to go around, many use a special navigator with traffic

Why is the car eating a lot of gas?

A headache for a motorist is high gas mileage. Prices at gas stations are regularly increasing, so you have to spend more and more on fuel from the family budget. Although sometimes it is enough to give your iron horse a couple of hours to diagnose

How to choose the first car for a beginner

The acquisition of the first car after obtaining a driver's license is a crucial step, affecting the further level of comfort, features of operation and the formation of professional skills. Today, the consumer is offered a huge variety of vehicles.
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