Auto tips

Rating of the best auto parts manufacturers

>Sooner or later, every car owner is faced with the problem of choosing new auto parts for their vehicle. Regardless of the brand and status of the car, there may be breakdowns inherent in it, which determines the need to purchase a spare part, or

The main differences from the suv and suv crossover

>ClassificationIn the global market for car sales, such as the crossover, SUV and SUV are in great demand. All these cars are very similar in appearance to each other, so they are difficult to distinguish at first glance. This is a fairly

The right choice of alarm with auto start for the car

>Start the engine of the car, while at home, it became possible thanks to the alarm with auto start. The unique technology was immediately appreciated by car owners and received huge recognition. Signalka allows you to autostart the car without

Choosing an efficient and reliable way to mount the dvr

>Today, DVRs have become an integral part of the car, so car owners know all kinds of DVRs, and few people thought about how to mount the device in the car.DVR in the carOften, car owners use the fastener that comes with the device, without

How to quickly learn traffic rules

Rules of the road establish certain laws of behavior of people who are driving vehicles. Many drivers recognize the fact that these rules must be observed in order not to initiate unpleasant situations on the road and not endanger the lives of

The best software for smartphones and computers to recognize

>The ODB2 diagnostic terminal allows you to read information about the current state of the vehicle by collecting data from sensors installed on the car. Having connected the adapter (scanner) to the on-board computer (directly or through an

The best vacuum cleaners for cars and their selection

>Modern car owners differently perceive the fact that they have a vehicle. For some, it is only a means of transportation that can quickly and comfortably deliver them to the right place. For others, it is an indicator of status, consistency and

The best led lamps for different car optics

>Recently, LED-lamps have become popular among drivers. They can be used in any optics system, be it interior lighting, headlights, and so on. The popularity of LEDs deserved thanks to a number of advantages that distinguish them from other

Rules for choosing a charger for a car battery

>The life of almost every modern person who has reached the age of majority contains such important devices as a mobile phone and a laptop, the third component is a car. Strange as it may seem, at first glance, it sounded, but all these devices

The best car dvrs with radar detector function

>Before we consider the top of the best DVRs with radar detectors in 2018, we should introduce some clarity about such devices. Many identify the concepts of radar detector and anti-radar, considering them to be exactly the same devices. But it is
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