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What is better to choose: solaris or rio

Korean car industry is actively spreading among Russian motorists. Especially popular are cars with a budget cost. Often, drivers have to solve a dilemma, determining which is better than Kia Rio or Hyundai Solaris. The machines that are close in

The choice of antifogger for car windows

>Any car owner knows about what inconvenience can cause misted windows in the car. Especially when it comes to your own safety and the safety of passengers. As a result of fogging, the glass visibility deteriorates, which is unacceptable while

Replacing a damaged registration number

In this article we will try to tell you in detail about the whole procedure of replacing a damaged registration number. Complete procedure for replacing a damaged number. Absolutely all registration numbers that are installed on the car must comply

Replacement of a driver's license: certificates, documents,

A driver's license is the main document, the presence of which demonstrates the right to drive a car. He, like a civilian passport, must be replaced at the end of 10 years from the date of receipt. Other reasons that may cause re-receipt, is to

Best autos for the sale of cars in kazakhstan

>Today it is very convenient to make purchases / sales of automotive equipment via the Internet. The most solid segment of autosites in Russia, but also in other countries of the post-Soviet space has its own national sites. Today we compile a

The best winter non-studded tires in 2018

>Every year the Russian market is filled up with all new types of tires supplied by completely different brand manufacturers. In the material below, only the most popular models that any motorist can purchase in 2018 are considered. It is worth

Modern car washes

>Car wash - a guarantee of cleanliness for each carIn many countries, a car wash is simply an indispensable thing for every car owner, which is why this topic is relevant today. To put the types of car washes in the rating into place, it is

Comparative characteristics of drum and disc brakes

>Advantages of drum brakesProfessionals are well aware of the difference in the structure of disc and drum brakes. They can be found on various types of cars. Let's leave the device internally for the masters. Let's talk about the disadvantages

Stability system: what is it in a car

Modern security systems in the car are a constant path of improvement since their widespread introduction into serial use. Most of them are designed and implemented in Western Europe or North America. These include ESP, what it is in the car, analyze

Renault duster and nissan terrano: what is the difference

The wide popularity of crossovers in Russia in the past few years has forced many motorists to pay attention to this type of car when choosing a new car. Among the preferred models are French, German, Korean, Japanese and Chinese SUVs. Often, the
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