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What truck tires are better

>It's no secret how important the correct selection of tires is. It is the tires that are in direct contact with the road, which means that such important parameters as controllability, accuracy of response to steering wheel steering and noise

Tinted car windows do it yourself: the stages of the work

Aquarium from the 80s A modern car without tinting the rear windows looks at least a car from the 80s, and the driver and passengers feel uncomfortable. It creates a feeling of movement in the "aquarium". Therefore, car owners try in the first place

Which engine is better: gasoline or diesel

WITHпоры о том, what's better gasoline or diesel, ведутся уже не один десяток лет. В этом вопросе истину пытаются обнаружить и автовладельцы, и инженеры, занимающиеся разработкой двигателей внутреннего сгорания. Убедительных аргументов хватает в

Choosing a cleaning method and a better car injector cleaner

>During operation of the machine, the fuel system is contaminated. This is due to the low quality of fuel that is currently sold at gas stations, the presence of a significant amount of various impurities. Impurities and additives, deposited on

How to choose tires by car brand

Every driver knows that in the operation of the car there are no irrelevant details All elements of the construction of the machine are interrelated, and affect the durability of the use of the vehicle and the safety of the driver with passengers.

Conversion of kilowatts to horsepower

Motorists are accustomed to measuring the power of their own "iron horse" in units that are called "horsepower." This parameter has been known since the last century, however, it applies even to ultra-modern sports cars, which with a great stretch

What tinted car windows are allowed in russia?

Gradually, but steadily, on the Russian roads, the old order is being replaced by new rules that are more in line with world experience. Permitted car tinting, which continues to be a popular option for tuning them, is no exception. According to the

The biggest cars in the world

Technological capabilities of modern auto enterprises allow to produce various models of cars. However, large-sized vehicles are particularly popular among drivers. It has its advantages over small car, because the largest car in the world, the photo

Choosing the best film for car tinting

>IntroductionThe car enthusiast, who made the decision to tint the glass, must first get acquainted with all types of film presented in specialized stores and on the car market. Such an approach will allow you to accurately choose the kind that is

Car class list: what is it

Any industry is aimed at meeting the demand of customers. The automotive industry is no exception. Inside it, products are differentiated according to certain criteria and divided into established groups. The classification of cars into classes, the
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