Auto tips

How to open your car without keys

People often lose their keys not only from the house, but also from the car, and there are such situations that you need to immediately open the car, because there are money, important documents or something else important in it. In such a situation,

How to get the rights of category m

Operation of scooters (small mopeds) was until recently possible without having a driver's license. However, legislative changes took place and new categories appeared in the certificate, one of which implied scooter control. She was assigned the

How to start the car in the cold

Severe winters, which have often begun to painfully visit us lately, make their mark on all motorists. After all, it is no secret that frost is an extremely unfavorable phenomenon during engine start. But nevertheless, most of us continue to neglect

The best shock absorbers for the car

>On the popular question, which shock absorbers are better, each motorist will answer in his own way. After all, today there are a huge amount of them, and it’s quite difficult to find out which is better than the rest. It is for this very reason

Rating the best automotive additives for gearboxes

>The efficiency of the car's gearbox is in second place after the engine. Without a properly functioning transmission unit, the continued operation of the vehicle becomes extremely dangerous. Therefore, the task of each car owner is to maintain

Handwash rating

>In the washing areas you can get services in two forms: in the traditional manual way or fully automated.Manual car washes are monitored by a car wash worker. For this purpose, a special automatic apparatus is used, with which the abrasive and

Seven materials for upholstery cars - choose the best

>From the interior of the car very much depends on the comfort of being in the car. After all, it is important not only to get from point A to point B, but also how to get there. And the quality of the interior, in turn, very much depends on the

Car battery rating

To start the car, it must be started. For this, a high voltage current is required, which the TC generator cannot produce. To obtain a spark battery is used. He is able to systematically accumulate energy and give it to the generator, after which the

Choosing a hybrid dvr correctly

>Every motorist understands how important it is to properly organize video surveillance. However, the task is not so easy to cope as we would like. Only a careful study of the numerous proposals will allow you to make the only right choice, to

Diy karting: a guide with drawings

Passion for karting sports for many fans begins with a young age. At this age, according to the law, it is still too early to have a driver's license, so young drivers are looking for inspiration on specially designated tracks. However, not everyone
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