Auto tips

Rules for choosing a pdc for a car

>Today, driving more and more, you can see women, although more recently it was a rarity, since driving a car was considered the lot of men. Nevertheless, the fair sex in this business began to overtake men, trying to drive vehicles along with

Advantages and disadvantages of polyurethane and rubber

>Vehicle suspension plays an essential role in ensuring comfort and safety during vehicle operation. Because for each car owner it is important that the design of this site consisted of high-quality materials and reliable components. On domestic

Which additive for diesel fuel to choose?

>Imagine a situation where you forgot about regular refueling of a diesel car and faced a difficult choice. There are not many options in it - to call at the first gas station that comes to hand, turning a blind eye to the quality of the fuel, or

Advantages and disadvantages of led, halogen and xenon

>Vehicle lighting has a lot of types of light bulbs, and each has its own functions and purpose. Lamps illuminate the interior, highlight the glove box, trunk, engine, dimensions warn about the upcoming car maneuvers, some use as signal lamps, but

Top car seats for baby

>Numerous studies and personal experience of car owners prove that a reliable car seat can save the health and even life of a child in a traffic accident.TOP children's car seats.Читать далее про рейтинг лучших детских автомобильных

Best first car for a newbie

>The first car in the life of any person is a significant event. The long wait for the purchase is finally over, the decision is made - and you go to choose your assistant, the “metal friend”, your first car. Then there will be a lot of positive

Choosing an effective cleaner for the car interior

>The interior of the car speaks a lot about its owner. Most motorists seek to maintain cleanliness, extend the life of the upholstery and maintain the attractive appearance of the seats and more. It is difficult to do without special preparations.

How to choose the right glass defroster for a car: rules and

>Almost every motorist in our area is trying to prepare his four-wheel friend for the winter to the maximum. Unpredictable weather from a positive temperature can change dramatically with a creepy “minus” with wet snow, or even rain. And in

What is wheel hitch?

Most car owners buying a new, different from the factory products, a set of wheels, make three frivolous actions: Discreetly reckon drives to the elements of design and tuning, pay attention to the appearance, attractiveness and beauty of geometric

Choosing the right quad trailer

>Quadrocycles are increasingly being acquired not only by fans of extreme rest, but also by avid hunters and fishermen. Of course, you can take an all-terrain vehicle and get to your destination, but more often it is more convenient and faster to
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