Auto tips

Middle class cars

Widely popular in our country and abroad, C-class cars, a list of which is regularly updated with new models. According to the European classification, such cars are called golf class cars. Due to its size and technical characteristics, it will be

The choice of sealant for the engine cooling system - all

>Sometimes drivers have to deal with such a problem as the flow of the engine cooling system. If such a funny thing happened near the service station or near the house, then the emergency situation can be solved by sealing the crack. There are

What car services in moscow can be called the best

>Sooner or later, every car owner has to seek the help of professionals, regardless of the class of his vehicle. No matter how sad, the perpetual motion engine has not yet been produced, this also applies to cars. With long-term operation, certain

The best driving schools of novosibirsk

>Choose a driving school for learning is not easy in many large cities, including in Novosibirsk. There is a lot of organizations, reviews about them are contradictory. Including statistical information. Is it possible to judge the quality of

Advantages and "pitfalls" of car loans in russia

>The vast majority of citizens are not able to buy a car for their own cash savings. In addition, few people want to dream about the desired car for years, saving money for a future purchase and continuing to comprehend the delights of public

Top gear oils - 2018 rating

>Transmission is one of the most complex and expensive vehicle components, requiring systematic and high-quality maintenance. Despite this fact, some car owners do not attach proper importance to functional units, for which they are calculated

Recommendations for choosing wires for lighting your car

>Any experienced driver will surely remember cases in his practice when it is impossible to start the car - the starter cranks the crankshaft several times and calms down with convulsive convulsions. And then you remember how the day before you

The best dvd headrest for comfortable rides

>During long journeys and even recreation in the countryside, we cannot do without the usual things of civilization, this applies not only to the air conditioner and the DVR, but also to the TV. Fortunately, the developers of new devices take care

Choosing a used audi a6

>Audi A6 2004–2011 release most impressed our buyer. Why? It turns out that many fans of this model claim that the modifications of this car released today began to resemble more a computer on wheels than a car. Of course, this affected their

Ranking of the best diesel engines in 2015

>The forerunners of the global distribution of diesel engines appeared 30 years ago, when European and Japanese cars began to be equipped with such power units in series. Earlier, attempts to create a passenger diesel vehicle were also undertaken,
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