Auto tips

Decoding vin car code. how to find out about the car on the

For most car enthusiasts, this 17-character set of characters seems incomprehensible, even mysterious. However, you can learn almost everything from the wine code about the car, because the VIN code contains almost all information about it. This is a

Top car speakers

>Almost every car owner sooner or later thinks about how to upgrade the acoustics in his car. Music for many people is very important: one helps her relax, others cheer up, others include it in order to distract from problems, and some just for

How to choose gas equipment for your car

>Liquefied natural gas has always been cheaper than gasoline, and the difference in price is quite substantial, on average about two times. This makes many car owners to think about installing gas equipment, which allows to significantly reduce

How to protect your car - declare war to the hijackers

>A nightmare of any car owner - in the morning, at lunch, in the evening or at any other time of the day to detect the theft of his car. Each of us knows that the most sophisticated locks on the doors do not save from experienced hijackers. Locks

Rating gifts motorist

>Choosing a gift to a car enthusiast, everyone wants to make it pleasant to their friend or comrade. But even more, we want our gift to be really useful, and not gathering dust on the shelf. Choose a good gift for the driver is not so difficult,

The best lubricant for locks and hinges in the car door

>All new cars are delivered with well-oiled door locks - usually at an assembly plant or at a dealership they use thick consistency.The hinges are treated in the same way, since they are also a moving mechanism undergoing accelerated wear.

The cheapest cars in the world

Financial condition does not always allow you to purchase expensive cars. Therefore, in many situations, budget cars are among the most sought-after on the market. It is necessary to take into account that the car owner will receive the minimum

Criteria for choosing the best lubricant for bearings

>The bearing, by its nature, belongs to the main elements of almost all rotating units, which are located in modern automobiles and mechanisms subjected to serious loads. If this small unit in operation is long and stable, it provides a favorable

The right choice of multibrand scanner for machine

>Every motorist knows how much analysis and diagnostics of errors of an electronic control unit of a car can help. This block contains detailed information about all the parameters of the car, and also allows you to change some of the additional

Features of the choice of rear brake pads for the car

>The brake system of the car is designed to slow down or completely stop the vehicle. It includes several components - brake pads, hoses, brake cylinders, vacuum booster, drums or discs. Brake pads - an important component of the brake system of
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