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What equipment is better skoda octavia

>The third-generation Skoda Octavia review is an attempt to show the Russian buyer all the advantages and disadvantages of acquiring a car that has received a more strict and at the same time solid appearance. This car is sold in our country since

We plant the car without a key

You can lose your keys at any time, but what if you are away from home and you can’t go for a spare kit? The answer is simple - try to start the car in other ways. But automakers deliberately remove all wiring away to make it difficult to access. The

How to get right after deprivation

In September 2013, a new law of the Russian Federation regulating road safety began to operate. According to the amendments, a driver from whom rights have been temporarily withdrawn, after the expiration of a certain period of deprivation, is

Should i buy a right-handed car?

Lawful cars On the roads of Russia for quite a long time driving cars with the right wheel. The attitude of motorists to such cars is quite different. Someone admires them by right, and someone finds them uncomfortable and treats them coolly. Maybe

How to choose the type of crankcase protection

>One of the main accessories that modern car needs is to protect the engine crankcase. The plate for the bottom of the engine compartment is not mandatory equipment, so many manufacturers either equip the car with an unreliable plastic sheet or

The best sets of automotive tools for different needs

>For self-repair and work with the machine, each driver is recommended to have a set of tools. Requirements for quality, equipment and type of fixtures depend on the needs of the car owner.In order to choose the most suitable inventory, you should

How to choose a used volvo xc90

>Volvo is a car that is produced for the thirteenth year in a row. And finally, his successor appears, but in this article I would like to dwell in detail on the operational capabilities of the old car, purchased in large quantities in Russia and

Choosing a portable starting charger for auto

>It's no secret that the vehicle’s power source is a battery whose charge must be constantly maintained, otherwise the engine will not start. In most cases, the battery loses its charge as a result of exposure to low temperature. Or when the

The best car minisink high pressure

>Minisink is an excellent unit that will allow at home to cope with any kind of pollution. Also a good option to create your own business. The choice of car wash should be fully aware and thoughtful. First of all, you should pay attention to the

Favorites of car enthusiasts - which brands of cars are the

>The number of auto sales is growing every year. For example, by today, 2017, 3% more cars have been sold than in the entire previous year. Off-road vehicles in China and Europe are in the greatest demand.В Китае было продано 36% транспортных
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