Auto tips

How to protect the car from theft with their own hands

Iron friend on wheels acts as an indispensable assistant in all situations. Therefore, drivers are trying to protect the car from theft. In principle, one hundred percent security system, giving a full guarantee of car safety is not, but you can

Spacers to increase the departure of the rim do it yourself

Almost any favorite disks for cars can be installed on your own car. Even if the mounts do not always match, spacers will come to the rescue to increase disc overhang. With their help, it will be possible to correct the installation of the selected

How to clear a car from germany to russia

Carrying out the process of delivering cars from Germany is one of the most common ways for Russians to buy vehicles. Only carry out this rather complicated process, you need to adhere to a specific sequence of actions, having successfully passed a

Recommendations for choosing the right car subwoofer

>Many motorists simply can not imagine their life without quality music. Quite often, the standard audio system does not work well enough, it produces poor sound, confronts the driver with many other problems. Therefore, the owner of the vehicle

Choosing the right dvr with remote camera

>Recently, car owners have stopped paying attention to the overall gadgets, which take up a lot of space and distract the driver while driving, which is why the demand for compact DVRs, which do not have the above disadvantages, has increased.

How to challenge the fine for parking in moscow?

Moscow car owners have known parking rules in the center of Moscow for years, it is paid. The amount is 80 rubles per hour of parking space rental and payment is possible only in advance. The lack of organization of fees or the irresponsibility of

How to choose a glue for automotive plastic - the best

>Plastic is the most difficult material to glue together. This is due to its chemical composition and physical properties: weak adhesion and chemical activity, pores are small or absent. If, nevertheless, it was decided to repair this or that

Is it profitable to rent a car in a taxi

Receiving passive income is in demand lately from our compatriots. One of the available types of business is renting your own car. Adequate demand creates offers from a wide range of motorists. Many of them are often interested in how to rent a car

The best trunk on the car

>Many car owners are often tormented by the question of the need to purchase a boot on the roof of their car. Experts recommend buying this accessory only to those who deal with frequent shipments of large quantities of various goods and is the

What is dangerous about buying a & quot; recessed & quot;

Acquisition of a car that has been drowned, according to the degree of risk, can only be equated to the acquisition of a car assembled from the components of broken cars. If the car is “drowned” and does not fall apart in a few weeks or months, then
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