Auto tips

List of the most expensive car brands in the world

Not everyone can see the most expensive car brands live. After all, most of these cars are often the decoration of prestigious garages than a vehicle for driving on domestic roads. You also need to understand that these machines require appropriate

Best driving schools in kazan

>Gone are the days when driving courses were taught exclusively at driving schools and DOSAAF organizations. Now there are many private driving schools that operate on the basis of state-approved methodological plans, but make some adjustments to

Top wheel bearings

>When the wheel (wheel) bearing breaks down, it is necessary to replace it. This detail, small in size, is very important, provides freedom of rotation of the hub mechanisms. It is dangerous to continue to exploit the broken one: it will jam it,

Active and passive vehicle safety systems

>IntroductionAccording to statistics, in more than 80% of all road traffic accidents are cars. More than one million people die every year and about 500,000 are injured. In an effort to draw attention to this problem, every 3rd Sunday of November,

Portable car charger test - which one is better

>Each car is equipped with a battery - this is the necessary unit to start the engine. The battery may be discharged, which will lead to the fact that the trip will not take place.Portable Start-ChargerЧаще всего с проблемой разряженного

Top parktronic for car

>In order to facilitate and make safe maneuvers when parking a vehicle, mankind invented parking radar. This is an auxiliary system, equipped with sensors that signal the approach of obstacles. The history of the evolution of this system begins

How often do you need to wash the car

It is difficult to find owners of new cars who do not want to preserve the beautiful look of the car and the pleasant shine of factory paint. Therefore, many motorists are wondering: how often and how carefully should you wash your car. Some believe

Ranking of the best car stereo in 2018

>At the present time it is difficult to find a car in which there is no opportunity to listen to music on the road or while waiting. Center device, ensuring the presence of musical accompaniment in the car, is the car stereo, through which the

What should be in the first-aid kit of the car

Много лет не теряет своей актуальности вопрос о том, what should be in the car first aid kit. Ее состав периодически корректируется по наличию медицинских препаратов, однако, многие составляющие не покидают список практически с момента введения

Which category is gazelle

The car "Gazelle" began to be made in the 1994th year and quickly gained popular popularity. The vehicle is produced in the form of a van, a minibus or a light-duty truck. The model is actively used in passenger traffic. Often the word "Gazelle"
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