Auto tips

Modernity of movement

Even Ostap Bender proclaimed that "the car is not a luxury, but a means of transportation." Buying a car of a world-renowned brand, you can somewhat paraphrase a popular expression - a means of comfortable and safe movement. Everyone will surely

What are sold minivans in russia

Car manufacturers strive to meet the needs of customers. In this regard, on the domestic roads there are minivans of all brands. This type of body is demanded more by large families, as it can accommodate up to 8 people, including the driver. It uses

What kind of alloy wheels better rating

>The car only looks when it is on good and high-quality disks. The rating includes the top most popular manufacturers and models on the Russian market.Car on good and high-quality drivesFeatures alloy wheelsAmong all types of rims, cast wheels are

What to choose: hyundai solaris sedan or hatchback?

>You are going to buy an elegant sunny Hyundai Solaris car, but you can not decide what looks like a Hyundai Solaris sedan or a hatchback? We will help you! Each of the body options has its fans, the choice depends on the needs and purposes for

What is the most reliable vehicle protection?

>Vehicles are not cheap, so car owners are looking for more reliable ways to keep them safe. Means to protect against car theft, there are several types, so today we will make a rating of the most popular options for auto protection. First of all,

In which region of russia are the cheapest cars with mileage

The number of cars in Russia has increased in recent years. Indeed, without it, it is often difficult to solve pressing problems. However, buying a car, do not want to overpay, especially if it is used. Therefore, the cheapest cars in Russia are

Choosing the best cabin filter

>IntroductionJust a few years ago, a modern device, a cabin filter, began to flow into various auto shops. Until now, not all car owners can boast of having such a device in their car, this is due to the fact that many people simply do not know

How to challenge the fine from the automatic camera fixing

Most drivers who received the “letter of happiness” are not in a hurry to figure out their traffic violation and, as a rule, they always pay the fine. But in our time there are still motorists who do not doubt their rightness and literacy, and boldly

Is it possible to restore the spikes on winter tires with

Full preparation of the vehicle for winter conditions includes the replacement of rubber. Most often, wheels with built-in spikes are used for this purpose, providing increased stability and machine control on slippery surfaces. Periodically there is

Renault logan used - choice of affordable technology

>Renault Logan is a classic compact car that has been produced for ten long years. At first glance, such a solid period of existence of the production line makes it possible to doubt the profitability of acquiring a car, since the technologies are
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