Chinese cars

New chinese crossovers will delight customers in 2014

Year of the horse on the eastern calendar has become a landmark for the Chinese automotive industry. Several large manufacturers announced the appearance of new products in the model range.What new Chinese crossovers in 2014 have become the most

Chinese suv-crossovers are equipped with automatic

The Chinese car industry can be blamed for plagiarism or other sins, but one thing is clear - it is actively conquering the world market, and the quality of products is getting higher. A dozen years ago, cars from this country were perceived with a

2013 chinese crossovers

Today we will talk about such an interesting topic, as crossovers come from China. 2013 was quite productive for Chinese SUVs and crossovers. There are new Chinese crossovers, conquered a very large segment of the market. What kind of Chinese car can

Chinese crossover x 80 from faw and other crossovers from

The market for Chinese cars in Russia is 400 thousand cars per year. And this is only based on the results of 2013. How popular Chinese crossovers of 2013 can be judged only by the number of them on the roads.BEFORE XO0There are several cars that

Chinese great wall hover in the secondary market

In 2005, Great Wall Hover first appeared, which combined many elements of the Japanese car industry - the body and chassis were taken from the Japanese reliable Isuzu Axiom SUV of 2001, the engines are also Japanese - from Mitsubishi, but despite all

Chinese crossovers in ukraine continue to fill the market

Ukraine is an interesting country. It has its own automobile industry, the auto market is flourishing, which is 20 years old or more, cars from Russia are popular, there is a whole category of “Japanese” lovers. This country is the main global

Geely emgrand 7 and emgrand x7 updated

Cars from Geely are selling normally, because cars are cheap and ride for a while. According to the official report for 2015, 25,000 units of this brand were sold outside of China. This is quite small, they expected to sell 1,000,000 cars. But in

Chinese cars (crossovers) and their prices

Why is the demand for 2013 Chinese crossovers growing in our country? The answer is simple and quite obvious - they are much cheaper than the Japanese and Korean competitors, competing in their price category only with our Niwa, UAZ and the joint

Changan chinese crossovers look pretty serious

Quite interesting Chinese crossovers and SUVs are increasingly coming from our country to China. Some of them frankly resemble their Japanese counterparts, while others, on the contrary, have a bright personality, such as the Chinese Changan CS35

The kia rio crossover will only have front wheel drive.

In the European representation of the company Kia Motors сообщили, что в будущем, 2017 году они планируют выпустить в свет еще две новых модели. Это будут седан и "вседорожник". Причем кроссовер не будет полностью "вседорожным", так как
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