English cars

Jaguar f-pace is very similar in characteristics to the

Even off-road with 20-inch wheels, the car rides confidently, easily climbs the hill, in general, the off-road qualities of the car are clearly present. The F-Pace model has a lot in common with the Range Rover, because these are English cars, they

Brands of english cars impress with their beauty

Британская автомобильная промышленность никогда не гналась ни за количеством выпускаемых в год автомобилей, ни за сверхприбылями. Мы все знаем такие brands of English cars, как Роллс-Ройс, или Бентли. Они стали своеобразным символом

Saab 9 3 - a car for which loyalty to style is not an empty

With the advent of the new version of the Saab car in 1998, a long time has passed. For a dozen years that have become for Saab 9-3 a period of active positioning and fruitful development, the sedan calmly followed the European trends in the

English cars are smart and come in limited quantities.

Misty Albion has produced many masterpiece cars that have long become symbols of wealth. The direct association that occurs at the mention of English cars is, of course, prestige and luxury.Wealthy people from all over the world choose sports models

Jaguar s-type with mileage in the secondary market

Many believe that the Jaguar S-Type often breaks down, the body rust, spare parts are expensive. After all, in the secondary market prices for this car fall pretty quickly. But in reality this is not the case, the car is not inferior in reliability

New range rover sport 2014 came out

Today we have a new Range Rover Sport 2014 - the second generation, this model belongs to the 2014 model year.The premiere took place at the end of March 2013 at the New York Motor Show. Like the previous model of this British car, the new car has an

Aston martin one 77 (aston martin one 77) is fast

Aston Martin One 77 - a car that was originally conceived as something extraordinary. This model is not by chance has a specific marking with two sevens. That is how many copies of this car came off the convoy of the British company. The model was so

Bentley bentayga on a test drive

Bentley Bentayga is a luxury crossover, in the cabin of which the mechanical gold watch Breitling Mulliner Tourbillon with a complex mechanism and a tourbillon can be installed for an additional fee, such watches are very expensive. This is a

Range rover sport 2013 supercharged pleases the eyes, body

Today we will talk about a car that impressed me enough for its power, speed and size. When you go behind the wheel of this car, you understand that before the world was perceived in a completely different way.The moment came when I got behind the

Range rover lwb - long version of the famous suv

The sale of the long version of the new Range Rover began in Russia much later than in America and Europe. Well-off lovers of the English Range Rover SUV can purchase an extended version of the SUV from 2014 onwards. "LWB" stands for Long Wheelbase
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