French cars

Citroen cars are very reliable and inexpensive cars

The Citroën company (now since 1976), part of the Peugeot-Citroën concern, appeared in 1919. Her father, the founder Andre Citroen, hardly suspected that his offspring would become a huge international concern, bringing billions in profits every

New renault duster (renault duster 2015-2017) - the most

When it comes to the need to assess the quality and level of terrain of an SUV, the best terrain is rich in a variety of roads of different complexity. The roads of the Southern Carpathians are just such, there are also stone plots, ditches and large

Tuning renault logan can be done not very expensive

Renault Logan is considered one of the most popular cars in Russia, it can very often be seen on the streets of city roads, all thanks to a fairly low price and European quality. In order to somehow differ from all these hundreds of thousands of

French renault cars are pretty beautiful.

Renault (Renault, Regie Nationale des Usines Renault) is the largest national automobile company in France. Founded even before the First World War, Renault is the absolute leader in its country, producing both long-haul trucks and light vehicles,

Peugeot 307 - a compact and affordable golf class car

In Europe, these cars once sold well, because they had a good price, an interesting design and equipped with a Peugeot 307 quite well. But in the Russian market the same high rates in terms of sales were not observed, perhaps the reliability leaves

New renault logan 2014 in russia: photos and video

Renault always pleases its customers only with high-quality and modern innovations. Since the 98th year, the company has taken as a basis to develop economy-class cars that can not be compared in quality and availability with other cars in this

Peugeot french cars differ in quality and efficiency

Peugeot, now part of the PSA Peugeot Citroën group, was established in France in the early 19th century. The Peugeot family owned various manufactures since the 18th century, and on November 20, 1858 the famous lion was registered - a symbol and

French cars are as elegant as french women.

Upon reaching a certain age and an appropriate level of income, each person sooner or later thinks about purchasing a car. Today it is a serious need. Having set such a task, you will have to face a choice: which country to buy a car from?You can

New restyled version of peugeot 3008

In 2010, the Peugeot 3008 was first introduced to the public, and already in 2012, this model was finalized and presented to the world a hybrid version that works on both diesel and electricity. And most recently, in 2013, a model-made Peugeot 3008

Citroen c5 in the secondary market: what are the costs of

Citroen C5, which was produced since 2008 - is a French car with German accuracy, according to advertising. The body is well protected from corrosion, durable paintwork, protection by electroplating. Rust can be found on such cars is very rare. Is
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