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Bmw 5 e60 and its problems with operation

The BMW E60 is a car with an extraordinary appearance, stuffed with advanced technologies for those times. In 2003, the BMW 5-series in the back of the E60 became a revolutionary car in the class. And how did this affect the reliability of the car

Bmw alpina seventh series of 2013 pleases the eye

Tuning studio Alpina seriously transforms the BMW model in all respects. Management becomes more thoughtful, the transmission is faster, the appearance, of course, becomes more attractive. And in our case with the BMW Alpina seventh series, Alpina

The new bmw x7 (photo) is impressive for its size.

The BMW X7 car has already become popular before the start of serial production, in many media information appeared about a completely new car that BMW is going to release. By the way, the first photos of the new SUV appeared a little earlier - a

Bmw x5 m - 555 horses frostbitten car

Nowadays, everyone can choose a car to their liking. For example, if you are a pensioner with hair sticking out of your ears, Volga is best for you, if you are a 48-year-old prostitute, then you will most likely buy a Chrysler PT Cruiser, and if you

The legendary mercedes benz g class runs very fast

Still, people are strangely arranged, they create, they bring to mind, they nurture almost perfect, perfect things, but they are not enough, they are trying to improve already perfect creations, sometimes bringing the situation to an absurdity. Here

Bmw 5 series in the back of the 2017 g30

BMW 5 G30 - this is the 7th generation of the legendary BMW 5-ki. The sale of this car in Russia will start from February 11, 2017, the basic equipment will cost about 3,135,000 rubles, there are 4 options in the engine range, power ranges from 190

Professional tuning porsche cayenne

Porsche Cayenne - a great car of the elite class. Its appearance, performance and reliability at the height. But Kayena has one drawback, if earlier the owners of such cars stood out on the road, now Kayenov has divorced a lot and they are not

The new porsche panamera can now drive without gasoline.

More recently, the Chinese Porsche Panamera model was introduced at the Shanghai Auto Show in Shanghai, but it has not changed much and looks more like a restyled version of the car.In general, Panamera is a rather fresh car, it first appeared quite

Tuning volkswagen golf 2: optics, bumpers, skirts and grille

Car Volkswagen Golf 2 is not in vain called the second generation, as for several years already occupies a leading position among cars that have from three to five doors. Although the car is no longer produced, but its popularity still remains high.

Full test drive volkswagen polo sedan (vw polo sedan) in

In the middle of the summer of 2015, the updated Volkswagen Polo in a sedan body entered the Russian markets. This car has already become the flagship and one of the best-selling cars on the market, and the update only added to its
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