German cars

Diesel suvs are beneficial in operation.

For those who decide to mix the dirt, conquering off-road is a great opportunity to stay on diesel SUVs. What is good for a diesel engine is that it is economical, because diesel consumption per hundred km. the ways are much less than gasoline, and

Mercedes-benz v-class roomy minivan with the makings of

Having a ride on a Mercedes-Benz V-Class, it becomes clear why some people buy it for so much money, for the same money you can buy an SUV or a luxury sedan. But the V-class can also provide luxury and a pleasant driving experience.For many years,

Skoda octavia tour: repair and maintenance

In the secondary market, you can now find a lot of the first generation Skoda Octavius. If the car has a Tour prefix, then this is a restyled model. These cars are sold for affordable money, and sellers say that the car is reliable, the same as the

Skoda yeti - unusual and functional

At the Czech automaker, work on the second generation of Skoda Yeti is in full swing, the technical characteristics of which, the exterior and comfort, will surpass those in the models of the first series. There is less time left before its release,

Skoda octavia a5 in the secondary market

The previous generation A4 is a fairly reliable Skoda Octavia, as far as the A5 is a decent car, we will now look into more detail. Produced generation A5 from 2004 to 2013.BodyWith the Volkswagen concern, they are able to fight with corrosion,

Audi a8 d2 1994-1999 what difficulties can deliver

Many believe that the German cars of the 90s are reliable and strong, they travel a million kilometers, not like new cars, they break down after 50,000 km. Reliability and trouble-free relate to the Mercedes Kaban (W140) and BMW 7-series in the back

Experience of owning geledwagen and solving some

Today we will consider Gelendvagen 2009, what is it in operation, what are its most common breakdowns. By the way, there are not so many of them. This is not the top-of-the-line equipment, but the usual G500 with a 5.5 engine and a capacity of 388

Volkswagen passat b7 - a magnificent national car

Машины, которые производятся концерном Volkswagen достаточно популярны в мире. И это не случайно, ведь автомобили Фольксваген обладают высоким качеством, а соответственно и долгим периодом эксплуатации. Именно поэтому автомобили этой марки хорошо

A selection of tuning the mercedes gelandewagen from the

Mercedes-Benz G-class - luxury car. This is the most expensive serial SUV of all that you can buy in our country. The famous "Cube" is a welcome acquisition of many businessmen who want to demonstrate their high position with the help of a car.

New volkswagen tiguan 2017

Впервые кроссовер был представлен в 2007 году. New Tiguan ждали с нетерпением и автолюбители, и эксперты. С момента первого выпуска количество продаж перевалило за 2,5 млн. штук. По плану концерна Volkswagen после дебютной модели предполагается
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