German cars

The best suvs that can be found on sale

We offer you a rating - the top 10 best SUVs in the world. Several new models and old motorists who fell in love with motorists got into it. There are “workhorses” and cars for serious businessmen. So, if you are going to buy a car in the secondary

Tuning aydi 80 do it yourself

You are the proud owner of the Audi 80 B3 and would like to make it special? There is a desire to change something, but you do not know where to start? Then you should read this article completely to do everything at the highest level.How to start

Bmw x6 2015 model year got its changes

Already in the early summer of 2014, BMW announced the upcoming release of second-generation X6 cars, but recently it was officially unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, having received the F16 index.The sale of the new car starts in December of this

The new mercedes sl roadster is a great option for a summer

Now the car has an updated steering wheel, other devices, a beautiful gear selector and a stylish switch for engine and suspension modes.The salon really looks modernized, everything looks about the same as in the new Mercedes SLC, it has the same

Bmw x5: the third evolution

Last fall, the Russians had the opportunity to submit their applications for a new version of the German car BMW X5. This event can truly be called the third stage of the evolution of such popular crossovers. Produce them in the US, and the

Audi 100 c4: advantages and disadvantages of a used car

Among the classic dream cars from the 90s, one can be distinguished, perhaps, that was, is, and still is popular. It will be about Audi 100 C4, which will form the basis of the A6 - a large front-wheel drive sedan, which is still used and sold. Will

New touareg 2017 will be released soon enough

All the technical features of the new Touareg 2017 are already known, appearance is also not a secret, the future configurations and even the cost are announced. Therefore, motorists can only expect the official premiere, which is scheduled for the

The most powerful car in the world can travel over 400

Today, every car enthusiast seeks to buy a car that will be distinguished by its power, high rates of speed and acceleration dynamics. Based on such wishes of potential buyers, automotive manufacturers are trying to go to a meeting and make the most

Tuning volkswagen polo sedan - chip tuning with a good

Volkswagen Polo sedan It belongs to the category of budget cars, but in technical specifications it can compete with any car. Volkswagen has no body parts like a hatchback, for which he received a category C category. Externally, the car looks decent

Mercedes cars and new technologies

Car lovers, if possible, attend various car shows. Passing through the ranks of various corporations, the gaze lingers on Mercedes cars, which for many years have maintained leadership in the automotive industry.Even on the street when a used
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