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Mercedes s-class in the back of the w221 and the cost of its

When this car, which replaced the W220, first appeared, it caused a stir. S-class has changed significantly, the body has become significantly larger, compared with its predecessor. The engine compartment is also large, designed for V12 engine.

Skoda cars are the same reliable and quality as they were

If you ask a stranger on the street what he knows about the Czech Republic, then you will no doubt be answered only by a few of the most famous things in everyday life: Czech beer, famous for its taste and quality, and the finest architecture of

Audi q5 2017 is already officially presented and you can buy

Новый 2017 Audi Q5 – один из самых ожидаемых кроссоверов европейского производства. Его ждут не только поклонники немецкой марки, но и те, кто видел парижскую премьеру премиум-авто. Q5 язык не поворачивается назвать ни «джипом», ни «паркетником». Это

Bmw 3 series gt combines sport and comfort

It is considered that the hatchback body is very practical, but a car with such a body does not look as impressive as a sedan. Earlier, BMW developers had already created hatchbacks based on triplets (BMW E36 Compact, BMW E46 Compact), but they

Amg mercedes e class impresses with speed and power

And today, under our close review came the Mercedes E class car, in our case it is the Mercedes Benz E-63 AMG, the next round of the “arms race,” the next round of competition between the big manufacturers of large sedans.This car has 525 horsepower

Skoda kodiak - compact and economical crossover

It is finished - Skoda Kodiak - the first SUV from the Czech concern, located under the wing of Volkswagen AG, is finally ready. Continuing the tradition of the global automotive industry, the creators named the car in honor of the brown bear living

Skoda octavia scout 2014 - wagon with high ground clearance

Most recently appeared Skoda Octavia Scout 2014 Year of release. She was presented at an exhibition in Geneva. A feature of this car is that it is a station wagon, but at the same time it has some qualities of a crossover, such as high ground

Mercedes benz sls amg replaces mercedes mclaren (slr)

It all started back in 2001, when two companies, Mercedes and McLaren, decided to combine efforts to create such a mixture of sports and supercar that the world had not yet seen. The result of the creative union was the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren -

Volkswagen touareg 2015: what did restyling lead to?

Currently, the model of the famous German brand Volkswagen Touareg is one of the most sought after in the world. Actually, this car has already taken such a position in the global market since its inception.Russian dealerships are now offering to buy

Tuning volkswagen passat b3 looks attractive

In the case of each of the cars tuning is to improve the individual properties of the unit with the help of full or partial replacement or addition of elements of the basic configuration. We will understand how you can make a more attractive, modern
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