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Mercedes ml: rest for the soul on the road or solid

Advanced car model Mercedes ML W164 was discontinued several years ago. However, those copies of this model, which appeared on the market much earlier, are worth more than two new Dusters. So now we will figure out whether to give crazy money for a

Porsche macan: photos, features and price in russia

Compact and unusual crossover Porsche Macan was created on the basis of the car Audi Q5. The novelty appeared on the world show on 11/20/2013 and was presented under the brand name Cajun (from the word Cayenne Junior - the younger Cayenne). After

Audi q7 2016 with a new exterior design and beautiful

The long-awaited premiere, starting in mid-2014, in the category of premium SUVs is the presentation of a huge second-generation Audi Q7 SUV. The new Q7 was declassified back in December 2014, and the official presentation of the new Audi SUV was

Bmw 750 e38 - timeless classics at an affordable price

The car in this body was produced from 1994 to 2001. The last generation - body E32. All were released 4 modifications of the 38th body:standard;long version, which is 14 cm longer;E38 L7, it is even longer, has an additional central rack, it is

Coupe mercedes c 300 and c 63 amg last generation

The two-door coupe of the C-class Mercedes is outside, that inside - it looks simply stunning, but it cannot be any other way, it is a Mercedes. From a distance you cannot even distinguish the C-Class coupe from the S-Class coupe, which costs almost

Mercedes-benz w124: does it make sense to look in the

This car is not produced for a long time, it looks outdated, but still, there are still lovers of antiquity who find these cars and bring them to mind, after which they drive for some time. Moreover, it is a Mercedes, high-class build quality, so

Opel astra h with mileage: which engine to choose?

In most cases, when choosing a car with mileage, it is necessary to take a not very powerful atmospheric engine with a manual gearbox and then the car will travel for a long time. But with the Opel Astra H, things are a little different.Mechanical

Bmw x4 vs mercedes glc coupe. who is better?

Первым появился BMW X4, поэтому Mercedes GLC Coupe считается, как ответ Mercedesа марке БМВ. Причем, GLC получился явно не хуже, у него изящная форма, элегантные линии кузова, стильные задние и передние фары, колесные арки подведены пластиком. Внутри

Bmw 7 g11-g12 - the new seven from bmw

BMW 7-series in the back of the G11 is a new generation of the legendary BMW 7-ki, executive sedan. This car is produced from 2015, and will continue to produce it until 2022, during this time will be restyled. The predecessor is the F-generation,

Audi sq7 2016 with a powerful and high-powered diesel engine

Audi SQ7 - the new charged version of the Audi Q-7 crossover, under the hood is a powerful and high-torque diesel V8 engine with a modern auto-ignition function. There is also an electric centrifugal compressor, which supplies air to the cylinders of
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