German cars

Tuning porsche panamera to add exclusivity to the car

The Porsche Panamera is the first executive sedan in this car brand, inside which it is equally comfortable both at the wheel and in the back seat. Luxury car is large in size and habits of the sports car. It is easy to manage, it is perfectly

The third generation of the audi a6 with problematic engines

Audi A6 in the body of the 3rd generation came out for the first time 10 years ago. In those years, the A6 did not stand out from its competitors with its special appearance, but technically there were a lot of innovations, although the car didn’t

Bmw 1 series in the secondary market: is it worth buying?

In 2004, the BMW 1-Series appeared in the back of the E87, this car is considered the most modest and inexpensive BMW brand cars. The body of reliability is no different from their counterparts. Also a large layer of paint, paintwork quality and

Mercedes gls with new headlights and updated body

Mercedes GL is a big and honorable car, it is very pleasant to drive it, you feel like the king of the roads. Recently there was an update and now this model is called the Mercedes GLS. This model is based on the Mercedes High Architecture (MHA)

Bmw m5 e39 can still be found on the market

The BMW M5 in the back of the E39 is a very interesting car, now there are very few such cars left alive. These cars are produced from 1998 to 2003. Today we look at the car produced in 2001, after restyling. The M5 E39 is the third generation of the

Mercedes s65 amg - top model with the best features

Mercedes-Benz and AMG, working together, have always created very good and powerful equipment. The Mercedes S 65 AMG, a top car in the line of executive Mercedes, can be attributed to the number of such vehicles.Together, the developers managed to

Bmw m5 f10 will soon cease to produce

This is the fifth generation M5, which is produced from 2011 to the present day. Around the year 2018, a new, 6th generation BMW M5 will appear; this will already be the G-series. In 2011, the M5 F10 replaced the E60 body. F10 is available

Tuning mercedes gl from well-known tuning studios

The full-size Mercedes GL-class SUV was originally created by German developers for off-road driving of average complexity and for confident driving around the city.Of course, to consider it a real SUV, such as the Gelendvagen, for example, is not

New porsche 911 turbo sports car

This event happened quite recently - on May 3, 2013, the most powerful modifications of Turbo and Turbo S in the updated Porsche 911 line were presented at the exhibition in Moscow.The show of the new Porsche 911 cars was shown on the 50th

New and smart bmw x6 m with diesel engine

Diesel diesel discord! The dream of every serious designer is to combine the efficiency of a diesel engine, its high torque with a perky sporty character. The most important thing is to teach a diesel car a sporty manner.In this case, the Bavarian
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