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Mercedes s63 222 body after 2 years of operation

The 12-cylinder Mercedes S65 AMG is considered the coolest among Mercedes S-class in the 222 body, but for those who have decided not to overpay, it is possible to take a cheaper set, but still cool - S63 AMG. How good it is, if you evaluate it as a

Mercedes-amg gt: a universal sports car

As we all remember, the company Mercedes began its journey to a great future with a racing car. Despite the fact that there are very few people surprised by sports cars now, Mercedes Benz decided to take a chance and decided to repeat their first

Mercedes mclaren (mercedes mclaren) symbolizes its era

In the modern market of supercars there are a huge number of the most diverse offers, however, even among all this kaleidoscope of brands and models, Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren (or just Mercedes McLaren) is of great interest. Why is he so good? At

Volkswagen tiguan 2008-2014 in the secondary market

The Volkswagen Tiguan is a compact crossover that has been launched since 2007. Recently, the 2nd generation Tiguan has been released, and in the secondary market there are many offers for the sale of the 1st generation Tiguan. Should I buy a

Ford focus 3 wagon created for traveling with the whole

Новый Ford Focus 3 универсал можно считать настоящим семейным автомобилем, потому что в нем есть все необходимое для путешествий всей семьей: это комфорт, надежность и великолепный дизайн. Этот автомобиль впервые был представлен несколько лет назад.

Skoda fabia 2014 model year: what will it be?

The new generation of Fabia, which Skoda intends to launch on the market this year, is still not known any details. In this article we tried to collect all the information that is on the web.Design of the Skoda Fabia 2014It is known that the Skoda

How to choose a bmw x5 e70 with mileage in good condition

The BMW X5 E70 is the second generation of the popular BMW crossover. In the secondary market, this car is now the leader among luxury crossovers in Russia. Although the price of the car is quite high. The cost of maintaining such a car is high, but

Gelendvagen 2013 has a capacity of 612 horsepower

Прошло немало интриг и разговоров о новой рестайлинговой версии Gelendwagen 2013, так как в одном из журналах засветились шпионские фото нового автомобиля от компании Мерседес из Штутгарта. На выставку в Пекин приедет один из долгожителей на

Bmw m2 coupe - smart, compact and fast car

The BMW M2 is a compact coupe, a smaller version of the M4, looks like a very drivery car for golden youths or connoisseurs of compact and nimble BMWs. In America, it is already possible to drive this car safely, because it is already on sale for a

Tuning bmw e60 to improve performance

The BMW 5 Series in the back of the E60 is a powerful premium car, everyone knows what a BMW is, so we will not dwell on this for a long time. Today we will talk about how to make a car out of a great car even better. The BMW E60 was produced from
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