German cars

German cars in all its glory

German cars have always been known for their quality. In the whole world, probably, there are no car enthusiasts who would not hear about German cars. Moreover, they all know that this is an example of prestige and comfort. Therefore, no one is

Skoda rapid in russia: price and technical specifications

Scoda Rapid refers to the old names of the new car. Translated from English, "rapid" means "fast" or "rapid." According to Eckhart Scholz (a member of the Skoda company), the Rapid brand has perfectly even proportions with clear lines and edges. The

Opel adam in russia: the photo and the price of the german

Opel designers have invented a brand new car, which almost all motorists dreamed of. The developers gave it a name. Opel Adam and attributed to the category of city cars, because on the road it always attracts the attention of passersby and other

Mercedes-benz glk in the secondary market

Mercedes-Benz GLK has been produced since 2008 in Germany, during this time more than 700,000 such cars were created. About 30,000 cars of this model were sent to Russia.The body is perfectly protected from corrosion, despite the fact that the body

Mercedes amg e 63 s on the track behaves with dignity

Today we will not talk about the good old Mercedes E-class in the back of the W124, but about the new charged W213 with a capacity of 612 liters. with. - Mercedes-AMG E 63 S with all-wheel drive 4Matic +. This means that the car has all-wheel drive,

New mercedes executive class in all details

After spy photos of the new Mercedes S-class W222 without camouflage films appeared on the Internet, the company Mercedes-Benz independently showed the world official photos of the new Mercedes. So, the Germans declassified the 100% design of the

Volkswagen amarok pickup is reliable and inexpensive for a

Volkswagen Amarok is a German pickup truck, a famous concern that is famous for its quality and affordability. Volkswagen is a national car, that is, every German can buy it for themselves. Externally, Amarok looks quite original, and it perfectly

New mercedes e-class in the back of w213

Mercedes E class in the back of the W213 is so smart, he can ride and park himself. But this is in Europe, and in Russia it will be difficult for him, since the roads leave much to be desired, as well as many other nuances. The new Mercedes is not

Audi a6 allroad quattro - off-road wagon

Audi A6 allroad was first released in 1999 and since then there have been no significant changes, except for the use of plastic body kits and bumpers with metal parts. Even in the most ancient version of the Audi Allroad, a permanent four-wheel drive

Opel adam rocks - compact and original crossover

At the Geneva auto forum in 2013, a lot of interesting new products were presented, even Opel released a lot of new and playful things, but today we’ll talk about Opel Adam Rocks, which is distinguished by its compact size, while it has the makings
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