Japanese cars

The safest cars in the world are determined by crash test.

Road safety is a very important aspect of modern life. I want to be safe not only as a driver, but also for pedestrians, but we'll talk about them another time. In the event of unusual situations on the road, especially emergency or extreme, an

Nissan navara d23 2015 model year

In recent years, pick-ups have become more popular in Russia, but despite this trend, the Nissan Navara, which has been produced for a long time, does not enjoy the popularity that the manufacturer dreams of. But nevertheless, the developers of the

Restyling mazda cx-5 2014: what has changed?

Japanese crossovers have always been known for excellent quality in driving performance. The result of their work has always been painstaking and innovative, probably not for nothing was created an improved crossover Mazda CX5 2014 release.The car

Mazda cx-3 - compact crossover with excellent handling

Today, the automobile market already has so many compact crossovers, they just flooded city roads, their characteristic differences are small, they have a relatively high ground clearance. It would seem, why create all new and new compact crossovers,

The most passable off-road cars of the world

A separate class of cars, which is not scary, and in the fire, and in the water - SUVs. Since their creation, and this period refers to the mid 30s, the main task of these SUVs or jeeps, as they are often called in common people, continues to be the

Bmw 328i vs jaguar xe vs infiniti q50 vs lexus is 250

Let's start with BMW, this is the model 328i in the back of the F30, this series has been produced for 4 years, but this car looks very attractive, the door closes loudly, as in very ancient versions of BMW, and this only brings joy in the form of

Six-wheel gelendvagen and other 6-wheel all-terrain vehicles

In this article we will consider such a wonder as a six-wheeled jeep. We will understand the history of the creation of this type of transport, in technical characteristics, variations. And, finally, we will find out whether it is worth buying such a

Which car to choose: infiniti qx30, q30 or mercedes gla

Внешность у Инфинити яркая и запоминающаяся, заметно отличается от Мерседеса. Клиренс у Инфинити Location даже больше, чем в Мерседес ГЛА на 50 мм. А Infiniti QX30 – это более внедорожная модификация, у нее есть пластиковые молдинги по кругу и

What emphasize superiority? full wheel drive tuning for

Immigrants from off-road, for which initially were created, crossovers quickly gained a leading position in the city, becoming the real "kings of the road." They have no equal on the off-road, but “somewhere down there” they are discussed

Toyota land cruiser 80 - the old legendary suv

The theme of our review is the Toyota Land Cruiser 80. This series was created for those who want a real "serious" jeep, but there is no money for the 100th and 200th. Although these cars were developed in the nineties, even now they bypass some of
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