Japanese cars

About the characteristics and appearance of the 2015 toyota

From the very appearance in Russia, the Japanese car Toyota Camry has been given the great honor to become an authoritative representative of business-level sedans, which are discussed, selected and more and more often bought.The popularity of the

Lexus lx570 or bmw x5 - which car is better?

Any modern SUV is an expensive thing, therefore it is an indicator of the status of its owner. SUVs are chosen by maximalists who want to prove their worth to the whole world.Such cars are able to attract the exterior, give comfort and surprise

Mitsubishi l200 vs toyota hilux: who is more reliable?

It is believed that pickups are very reliable cars, especially thanks to its frame. But not everything is as smooth as it seems at first glance. Today we look at the popular 4th generation Mitsubishi L200 pickups, which have been produced since 2005,

Is the third generation honda cr-v crossover reliable?

Honda CR-V should be carefully inspected on the secondary market, especially cars before the 2010 restyling. It even makes sense to look under the trunk trim, because a lot of dirt can accumulate there, and cracks can also appear on the rear arches.

Mitsubishi pajero specifications

One of the leaders among automotive companies that produce off-road versions is without a doubt Mitsubishi Motors. The technical characteristics of the fourth generation Mitsubishi Pajero are time tested. There was a huge amount of enthusiastic, and

Unusual lancer x and possible problems in operation

Lancer X appeared in 2007 and is on sale well to this day. Its appearance, came to taste of many motorists, resembles a fighter. Despite the interesting exterior, the car also has other useful qualities that make the car popular even in the secondary

New nissan gt-r 2013 has not changed much

Usually, change is always for the good, but there are such cases that change does not carry anything special in itself. This applies to the new Nissan GT-R Premium 2013 model year.If seriously examine this issue, the Nissan GT-R 2013 has not changed,

High quality and reliability - these are toyota cars.

Probably, every person in our time wants to use only high-quality things, and cars are no exception. Do you want to buy a car that will serve you as a masterpiece of modern technology, and get incredible pleasure from driving it? In fact, the

Tuning honda civic do it yourself without too much

Honda Civic is a middle class car at an affordable price, after 2012, manufacturers have made restyling, after which the car began to look more modern. Honda Civic is front-wheel or all-wheel drive, there are versions of the sedan, coupe and

Mazda 3 bm: car maintenance costs

The first-generation Mazda 3 (BK) appeared in 2003 and looked very similar to the Volvo and Ford, the Mazda 3 was built on the Ford C1 platform, which was designed by employees of Ford, Mazda and Volvo.For the Russian version of the Mazda 3 (BK) are
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