Japanese cars

Nissan's nimble japanese cars are world famous.

Japan is the land of the rising sun. This country is known to us primarily because of its originality, because for a long time seafarers and other travelers could not reach its shores, and when they reached it, they were not very welcome. These

Mitsubishi outlander 2017 - restyled version

Manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors Corporation launched the second in a series restyled version of the car, created for long journeys. That is how the first model was positioned, which was introduced back in 2001. Today, the 2017 Mitsubishi Outlander has

Toyota camry: does it have competitors?

In Russia, sales of Toyota Camry really hit all records. In 2016, 18,700 cars of this model were sold, which is more than all the competitors in the class combined. The demand for the car is high.Such a high number of sales due to the image of a

Infiniti fx cars are affordable for those with serious

The Infiniti FX is a sporty crossover that looks very much like a snake, a fish and Pamela Anderson. It worked very well. The man who invented the curtains, was engaged in the appearance of this car and it is worth noting that he did everything and

Full test drive lexus nx (lexus nx) restyling

Three years after the start of sales of the acclaimed in many countries Lexus NXThe Japanese decided to release an updated version of the mid-sized crossover that has grown fond of everyone. The task before the corporation was not easy - to improve

New nissan qashqai 2014: photos, features and price in

Back in 2007, the Nissan Qashqai was a bestseller in technicality and control. Around the world, more than 2 million cars were sold. The new car Nissan Qashqai was presented on November 7, 2013 in London. What is the new model of 2014-2015?Having

New toyota rav 4 2013 (toyota rav 4) is nimble and

Представленный кроссовер Toyota RAW 4 2013 на показе в Лос-Анджелесе слегка удивил посетителей выставки. Ведь эта модель – это 4-е поколение Toyota RAV4, которая производится с 1994 года. Последняя версия данной модели получила новый дизайн интерьера

Two in one - throughput and speed - the new subaru

The success in the automotive market of the Japanese car with the unusual name Forester was guaranteed from the very beginning. In 1997, the first universal vehicle combining high throughput, large internal volume and excellent speed was first

Mitsubishi l200 2015 - the highly anticipated pickup

Almost 9 years, the departure of the fourth-generation Mitsubishi L200, served faithfully, but the time has come for changes, and the new, 5th generation of the Mitsubishi L200 pick-up truck has replaced it.In the fall of 2014 was first introduced

Mazda 3 in the new body looks very sporty

More recently, in the summer of 2013, the Japanese car manufacturer introduced the new Mazda 3, which began to look like a compact miniature of the Mazda 6. A similar design of these models is clearly visible - this is the KODO style that was only
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