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Updated mazda 6 (mazda 6) in 2017 - what has changed?

Mazda 6 is a popular and sought-after car that finally (to the joy of many fans of the Japanese group), waited for the restyling, presented at the end of 2016. As acknowledged by the developers, the 2017 model will become even more similar and

Suv toyota land cruiser 200 prettier every year

The history of the Land Cruiser SUV begins in 1953. True, the first car was released under the discreet name of the Toyota BJ. Series cars were used for police needs and in agricultural activities.At the heart of the design is the chassis from the

Used nissan qashqai with its features

Nissan Qashqai is a compact crossover, which is quite popular in the CIS countries, especially in Russia, there are a whole host of used versions of this model on the market.European and Russian Qashqai are not going to Japan, and Sunderland - an

Mitsubishi pajero sport i: how to choose a live car

SUV Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 1st generation was on the assembly line for 11 years, was considered a shortened version of the Mitsubishi L200. Pajero and L200 are frame SUVs. Passability at Pajero is not worse than that of L200. The car is reliable and

Lexus px new generation with a predatory appearance

In this generation of PX designers have worked well, they have nothing to hold back, and made a predatory car with fangs in the form of protivotumanok. Although the previous generation was more good-natured - nothing interesting. On account of this

Toyota prado 150 - a car with an excellent cross

The excitement regarding the Toyota Prado 150 subsided, because since the Frankfurt presentation, held in 2009, where the new SUV was presented, enough time has passed. 150 model underwent a unique restyling in 2013.Prado fourth generation continue

Comfort on wheels. why lexus ls and luxury cars are

LS series began its history in the past millennium. Car dealerships of Detroit and Los Angeles in 1989 became the site of the first presentation of the Lexus LS400. The car quickly found its admirers in the United States, but because the Japanese

The infiniti q70 looks gorgeous and perfect.

The Q70 model in Russia has been known for a long time, only before this model was called the M and was a serious competitor to German cars of the same premium class in the person of BMW and Mercedes.In today's review, our Infiniti Q70 is not in the

Test drive infiniti fx 35 revealed interesting details

The basic concept of creating Infiniti FX 35, according to the designers, is the invention of a car that would combine in itself at the same time elegance, ease of operation, simple functional devices for modern life.Model Infiniti FX 35 is

Analysis of the model mazda mx-5. sports car features

Those who worked on the creation of a roadster Mazda MX 5They know exactly how to interest an outsider. The car with all its appearance demonstrates the racing character, hardened by the elements of speed: this is indicated by the low seating
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