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Kia sportage 2017 with a new design and features

The Korean car industry is becoming a serious competitor to the world's leading manufacturers. Today, South Korean cars occupy 1/5 of the total number of cars on the world market.One of the most famous brands is Kia. After Peter Schreier headed the

Kia ceed first generation 2007–2012 release

When the first-generation Kia Ceed was new, they attracted motorists with their fresh European design, nimble engines and a good price. And now, after some time, you can judge how reliable these cars are and what you should pay attention to when

Full test drive kia sorento prime (kia sorento prime)

Not so long ago, the updated KIA Sorento Prime was presented, we briefly wrote about the car, and today we are conducting a full test drive of this new handsome man. The third generation of the premium crossover caused a stir among fans of the brand

New kia sportage looks like a porsche cayenne

The new generation Kia Sportage, unlike its predecessor, looks a bit like a Porsche Cayenne, especially the shape of the headlights is very similar. It is better to be like a Porsche than a Nissan or a Mazda. But this is only externally, but in the

Kia soul 2017 after restyling began to look more stylish

The first generation of this model appeared on the market 9 years ago. Now the world presented the updated Kia Soul 2017. In the meantime, we can discuss what awaits us in a stylish autonomy. Still, this car - one of the most popular in its

Hyundai ix25 - compact and affordable crossover

The particularly compact Korean crossover SUV of the Hyundai ix25 class went on sale in October 2014 on the Chinese market, and this car will appear on the Russian market in early 2015 approximately. "Crossovers" for many people are associated with

Test drive the new hyundai creta (hyundai creta-greta)

Today we are testing a new Korean crossover - Hyundai Creta. The success of the Hyundai Kreta on the domestic market could be guessed from the way the Russians willingly bought the budget version of the Solaris sedan. But, in fact, everything turned

Обзор нового kia rio (kia rio) 2017

The KIA RIO model is represented in one of the most saturated market segments, so the Korean engineers had the difficult task of ensuring the competitiveness of their model. The presentation of KIA RIO was held in October 2016 in Paris. According to

Hyundai solaris clearance (16 cm) is too small for russian

Many people ask what kind of clearance Hyundai Solaris has, and in this article we will discuss this in detail, because this question is not entirely straightforward, especially on the territory of a great and multinational Russia, in which Russians

The most complete test drive of the new hyundai solaris 2017

More than 640,000 Hyundai Solaris cars have been sold in Russia over the past six years. New model Hyundai Solaris 2017 tested domestic experts on the Russian roads of our country.Many people ask whether the Solaris is really a new car or is it just
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