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Tuning the kia sportage 3 to make the car unique

Kia Sportage 3 is a good and reliable car, many people understand this. This machine is produced 20 years and the demand for this model is growing every year. The 3rd generation looks just great thanks to restyling, in addition, this car is

The new kia sportage looks like a porsche cayenne

The new generation Kia Sportage, unlike its predecessor, looks a bit like a Porsche Cayenne, especially the shape of the headlights is very similar. It is better to be like a Porsche than a Nissan or a Mazda. But this is only externally, but in the

Kia cerato 2013 (kia cerato) - a reliable and beautiful

As you know, the three requirements in the headline almost never intersect. However, the designers and designers of the new KIA Cerato have tried their best, and if you are not looking for an aggressive car in a sporty style, then you will certainly

Which business sedans are more valued in the secondary

When you buy a new car, very often you do not think that after a while it will have to be sold. And in fact, this is a very important question, because a new car is expensive, and after a while it may lose so much in price that it would be a pity to

Kia sporteydzh: test drive 2014

An updated version of the Kia Sportage was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2014. Not much time has passed since the demonstration, and sales of this model have already begun in Russia.This car was a utilitarian front-wheel drive frame SUV, and

2018 kia sorento: new body

The new third generation Kia Sorrento is a new concept car that was created to meet customer requirements. His appearance was waiting for many. In order for a car to become popular, in our time, it is not enough for it to be just reliable and with

New hyundai solaris second generation

The new generation of Hyundai Solaris has become a little longer and wider, and the car has become better, like the Elantra, only a small one. Also the ride quality has changed. 16-inch wheels are installed, the body of the Solaris is rounded, and

Kia quoris (kia quoris 2013) - korean business class car at

This car can not be overlooked - 5090 millimeters in length! Without embarrassment, Koreans can be congratulated on several discoveries in connection with the production of this car:Firstly, this is the first car for Koreans with rear wheel

Hyundai creta vs renault kaptur vs kia soul?

Chalk, Kaptur and Soul are about the same price cars and are in the same class. How do they differ from each other and which one is better to buy, we will now find out. Recently, cheap SUV-crossovers are in fairly good demand. These cars are equipped

Hyundai santa fe 2013 is now even more modern

The South Korean car manufacturer Hyundai has released a new version of the Santa Fe car, making it more modern, this is no accident, because the name of the Hyundai company in Russian means Modernity.The quite popular Santa Fe model, which sells
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