The best used cars up to 800 thousand rubles

>Automotive industry does not stand still. Every year new models appear, modifications are revised, details are improved, design improves. However, new cars are quite expensive and cost the driver a tidy sum. From the budget options, the choice of

The right choice of car for hunting and fishing

>Кто из нас не хочет иногда отдалиться от суеты и уехать за пределы города, чтобы отдохнуть наедине с природой. Многие мужчины предпочитают охоту или рыбалку. Как известно, такие хобби требуют определённого снаряжения и инвентаря. Кроме этого,

Ranking of the best cars of 2017

>Every year, many publications and expert organizations around the world conduct research to determine the best car models. The comparison is carried out according to different indicators, the voting of motorists themselves and the results of test

Rating of all-terrain vehicles

>Universals call passenger cars with an extended cabin, a large trunk volume and an additional door at the rear. It differs fundamentally from the sedan in that the cabin is combined with the luggage compartment, sometimes using a separating grid

The biggest cars on the planet - are they gigantomania or a

>What moves a person when he seeks to build a house that is larger than that of a neighbor? Vanity or rationalism? Anyway, but any creation of human hands has certain sizes. So, there will always be a champion who will be more competitors -

Best cars for 400 thousand rubles: ratings of new and used

This article is devoted to new and used cars worth up to 400 thousand rubles. The main interest in this price category is primarily due to the low price. These are the classic representatives of the budget car series. And interest in them has been,

Most popular cars for women and girls

>If 20 years ago, a woman at the wheel caused surprise, but now it is a common thing. Every year, more and more women appear on the roads of all countries and cities. But women have different criteria for choosing cars than men. Female cars should

Rating of the best minibuses from japan

>The Japanese market is replete with all kinds of automotive innovations. But there is a certain category of buyers who are interested in minibuses. This machine is not only for commerce, but also for personal use, transportation of a large

The ugliest cars in the world

>The automotive industry is dotted with a variety of car brands that differ in shape and color, capacity and power, safety performance and attractiveness. The car is no longer a means of transportation, well, except in part. The tendency to pay

Top 10 best korean crossovers and suvs

Korean SUVs are deservedly at the peak of their popularity in 2016, and they are expected to stay there in 2017 due to the following advantages: optimal ratio of price and quality, as well as the characteristic bright design, which distinguishes them
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