The most reliable off-road vehicles with mileage in the

>In drawing up the rating of SUVs for reliability among second-hand models up to 10 years, various factors were taken into account, including feedback from the car owners themselves, the frequency of contacting car service centers and the most

Rating the best suv from china

>China is a very controversial automaker. Their first cars were frankly unsuccessful, had a dubious build quality, often completely copied popular foreign cars, and the technical characteristics left much to be desired. But over time, everything

Rating of the best suvs worth up to 1 million rubles

>With a million rubles, you can buy any high-quality SUV of domestic, joint or foreign production. Up to a million rubles in the car market there are so many offers that the eyes of the old people are running up: new top-class SUVs, new

Modern choice: rating of crossovers up to 1.5 million rubles

>Crossovers are truly versatile cars. Unlike a sedan or hatchback, they have a good cross on easy off-road. The large capacity of the cabin and luggage compartment, as well as a solid list of equipment can satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Where in russia to buy a car cheaply

>Not everyone can afford to buy an expensive new high-end car. An ordinary Russian has a limited budget, and many are looking for a cheaper car. Of course, I want with this high-quality and reliable cars. How and where can I get the cheapest cars

Rating the best new cars worth up to 500 thousand rubles

>It is more rational to buy new cars up to 500,000 rubles, rather than cars, which have already changed several owners. No matter how pleasant it may sound now, for this money you can really get a functional, as well as comfortable inside and

The best cars that you can buy for 750,000 rubles

>When a person manages to collect about 700 - 800 thousand rubles, with such money you can safely go for a car. What is most interesting, this amount is enough for new cars, and not just for used ones. Disputes about the disadvantages and

The best cars with high ground clearance

>When city roads are not quite of good quality, but trips outside the city are also often made, drivers want to have a car with high ground clearance, providing cross-country ability. On a car with a high ground clearance, the streets with broken

Cars up to 1,000,000 rubles: the rating of new models in

You have dreamed all your life about personal transport, and finally the day of purchase has come, but you are wondering: what is the best car for up to 1,000,000 rubles? For a million rubles, you can choose for yourself a great car that will not

Top minivans rating

>Calling one uniquely the best, high-quality and reliable minivan is difficult. There is nothing to choose from, since manufacturers offer good cars of high performance. We offer you a rating that shows the best possible family cars in a trend and
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