What limousines are considered the best

>Most people associate limousine with solemnity, some important and significant events in human life. Such cars are not adapted for everyday use, that is, they will not be able to go to work every day, go shopping or go out into the countryside.

The best cars with the lowest fuel consumption

>Many believe that the best modern cars should consume a minimum of fuel and show good dynamics. The choice in favor of saving is obvious, given the price of fuel. In Europe, they value savings more than in Russia, but this is a matter of time.

Buyers' top sedans

>Let us constantly repeat that public opinion is not always correct, but more often it is completely erroneous, it’s absolutely impossible to disengage from it, and it’s pointless. Therefore, when choosing a car, you should at least take note of

Rating of the safest cars in the world according to euroncap

>Safety is one of the key parameters when choosing a car. But the automaker itself can not say that it is his car is the most reliable, and in it you are not in danger. There are special independent organizations that give their own assessments

Which cars are the best in terms of price and quality

>The essence of a person is such that he wants to pay less, but receive high quality. This does not always work, because saving often entails even more serious costs. But if we talk about cars, then with the current range you can find a lot of

The best suvs for hunting and fishing

Every real hunter or avid fisherman knows how important a car is for such a hobby. Indeed, the quality and endurance of the vehicle in the wilderness can depend not just on comfort or mood, but on the life of the driver and passengers. Therefore, the

The most beautiful suvs and crossovers in the world

Every enthusiastic driver is one hundred percent convinced that the most beautiful car is his car. It is hard to argue with this, because beauty is a relative matter, but, as they say, tastes do not argue. At the same time, there are machines that

Cars for 200 thousand rubles: the rating of the best used

Can I buy a car for 200 thousand rubles? This burning question worries millions of minds across the country. In a crisis, buying a decent car for that amount is difficult. Even the domestic auto industry is not happy with new products in this price

Rating of the cheapest cars in the domestic car market

>The times when the domestic car market showed exceptional growth were left behind. Today, a prolonged recession in the economy has affected this area. Many foreign companies, only 5 years ago, seeking to expand their presence in our country,

The best frame suvs 2016-2017

Powerful and comfortable frame SUVs, the list of which we will present to you today, long ago moved in the ratings from the category “workhorses for rural areas” to “cars for the middle class”. This means that with the power of a tractor capable of
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