Most reliable used crossovers

>Having made the decision to buy a used car, the future car owner will certainly be interested in how this or that crossover showed itself after having been in operation. As a rule, when deciding to buy any car, they always make a start from the

The best new cars worth up to 1 million rubles

>Having a decent amount of money at your disposal, it’s not as easy to go looking for a car as it might seem at first glance. This budget allows you to count on a fairly wide range, which is why it is difficult to stay on something concrete. When

Rating the best crossovers for 2 million rubles from the

>Almost every driver wants to buy a new car from the passenger compartment. Purchasing a new car has its advantages. One million is already a lot, but the presence of the second makes the choice much broader. For the money offered a wide range of

Top 10 premium cars

Premium cars must embody all the best features of a modern vehicle. It is quite natural that almost all drivers would like to buy one of them. What do we expect from a premium car? Memorable and stylish design; Comfortable and attractive interior;

Top car-record for mileage

>Few cars fall into the category of world-famous, because more and more interesting, technological products are produced annually. However, some motorists were able to leave a name in history due to the uniqueness of their iron friend. For

Top of the most economical suv in terms of fuel consumption

>When choosing a new large car, many buyers are wondering which of the SUVs is the most reliable, economical and inexpensive in terms of content. After all, the bulk of the money spent on a car goes to a gas station visit. Given the current trend

Rating the best used cars up to 700 thousand rubles

>The budget of 700 thousand rubles allows you to purchase a car from the salon. But it will be the most budget models or very simple complete sets of higher classes of machines. Therefore, it makes sense to consider the proposals of the secondary

Rating of engine oils 2017: 5w30, 5w40, and 10 w40

Viscosity - the defining characteristic of the oil. It varies with temperature, and the tolerances of changes determine the temperature range of use of the oil. To start the engine at low temperatures, the best motor oils are those that do not have a

Top 10 coolest cars in the world

>Heroes of the best-selling Golden Calf argued that a car is only a means of transportation, and even that is not the best. Well, for those times such a statement with a fair degree of conditionality could be called fair. But if Mr. Bender and

Rating of the most unusual cars in the world in different

>Several decades ago, cars were real works of art externally. The cars looked unusual and surprised with their capabilities, so their owners usually did not think about any tuning and modification of their vehicles.Modern cars are often referred
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