What kind of suvs are considered the most expensive in the

>SUVs initially fully consistent with its name. Their mission was to conquer off-road, increased maneuverability and the ability to pass where no ordinary car can pass. Gradually, SUVs became smaller, the first crossovers appeared. Most

Top 10 best subwoofers for the car

Today, there are so many different types of audio equipment for cars that you can easily get lost from the abundance of choice. A lot of models with their own features, and quite a different cost seriously complicate the choice of the option that

The best trucks for truckers

>Many consider the profession of trucker one of the most romantic. But in fact, it is difficult, requiring constant driving and increased concentration. Depending on the quality of the roads, riding can be enjoyable or create the most difficult

Rating of new suvs for 600 thousand rubles

>The choice of SUVs to 600,000 rubles. very limited. In this price category include Chinese-made cars. Also for the money you can buy SUVs of domestic production.New SUVs for 600 thousand rublesIn order to purchase a new SUV, you need to pay

Choosing the best pickup

>Despite the fact that pick-ups remain quite rare on Russian roads, there is a definite demand for these truly male cars. Over the past year, 9.5 thousand cars with this type of body have been sold in the country. Which of them are more popular,

The best small cars for women worth up to 200 thousand

>When choosing small cars for women up to 200 thousand rubles to rely on a huge range of representatives of leading automakers, and sometimes just a car with a gun is not necessary. The machines in this price range are quite simple. But among them

Rating of the most popular crossovers in russia

>Not so long ago, analysts summed up the first reporting period for car sales in Russia for 2018. Realization of cars from January to March of the current year made it clear that compared with last year there were no major changes. Russians

Rating of new cars worth up to 900,000 rubles

>The budget of 900 thousand rubles gives ample opportunities to choose a car. You can choose a middle-class sedan, a compact crossover, or a minimum configuration of a higher class models. Some manufacturers even equip basic models with a variety

Rating b for suvs up to 1 million rubles

>The popularity of SUVs in Russia is growing every year. Every motorist wants to change from the usual car behind the wheel of a solid comfortable car, for which the movement is not limited to asphalt roads. The car market is replete with a huge

Top of the cheapest cars in the world in 2018

>The automotive industry is one of the locomotives of the global economy. Not surprisingly, automakers seek to produce products that could satisfy the needs of virtually all segments of the population - from billionaires to those for whom owning a
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