Top chinese trucks

>IntroductionThe Chinese economy is perhaps the fastest growing economy in the modern world. It has already achieved world leadership in the production of consumer goods and various electronics. Widespread automotive. For the past five years,

Rating of new suvs at a price of up to 1.2 million rubles

>Most modern car manufacturers are paying more attention to the development of the range of compact cars. Often under the name "SUV" are presented crossovers with higher levels of terrain in conditions of bad roads. And finding a real SUV is

Rating the best cars with a budget of 700 thousand rubles

>Buy a new and reliable cars up to 700,000 rubles in 2018 is quite possible. For the money you get a budget vehicle that is suitable for use in various conditions. Based on the requirements of motorists, we have compiled a special rating in which

Which car is better for a beginner? top 10 cars for novice

What is the best car to buy for a novice driver? Due to the lack of driving experience, several important requirements are imposed on the first car. Choosing the best car for a novice driver, it makes sense to pay attention to such criteria as

The world's best frame suvs

>If the frame with the body are one-piece design, then we are talking about a frame SUV. But the majority of modern jeeps, crossovers have a folding design. In the case of the frame option, the car has greater strength, reliability and durability,

Rating of popular tires for suvs and crossovers

Good tires for SUVs should have high strength, original tread. Requirements for winter and summer tires are significantly different. Therefore, to select the optimal products, you need to take into account the main characteristics and the cost of

Rating of new cars worth up to 600 thousand rubles

>A car is not a luxury, but a means of transportation. Therefore, many quite reasonably assume that it is unwise to get into loans and take expensive cars with some constraint in funds, or even just in the absence of a large amount in free

Rating of used cars up to 500 thousand rubles

>The used car market offers a wide selection of good models. It all depends on what requirements you make to the vehicle and what you expect in terms of operation. There are good cars that can be bought for such money, but they are distinguished

Which is better to buy a crossover when 800,000 rubles is

>Crossovers are the best-selling car class in the world. Manufacturers annually create new SUVs and improve existing models. The development of the Chinese automotive industry. Today, the Russian market is represented by many models of

What cars are the most dangerous in russia

>When choosing a car, the buyer pays attention to a wide range of different criteria. He is interested in the engine, gearbox, equipment, some of the nuances of the cabin and other characteristics. But no less important, and perhaps the key
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