The best pickups available on the russian market

>The pickup is quite a unique car. This is due to the fact that the vehicle combines both a passenger car and a truck. Therefore, it is logical to also call them cargo crossovers or cargo SUVs. Pickups in Russia are not the most popular body type

Rating of the cheapest cars sold in russia

>Not every Russian can afford a car worth more than a million rubles. Because they have to look for solutions among budgetary representatives of the market. There are not so many cheap cars in Russia. But which ones are the cheapest - the question

Economy option: crossovers up to 700,000 rubles

>If your budget for the purchase of a car is limited to 700 thousand rubles, you should not despair. For the money you can buy even a new crossover. Yes, it will not be auto famous top manufacturers in the richest set. But for a new SUV for

Rating of low-cost suv service

>In fact, any act requires an analysis of its consequences. At least, when a purchase of half a million rubles is at stake, it doesn’t bother to think about what such an acquisition may later take. For example, if your goal is a crossover, then

Rating the best cars in the station wagon

>Wagon buyers are mostly family people. Because of the car they are waiting for reliability, practicality and good capacity. The station wagon was always positioned as a family car with spacious interiors, a good level of security and large

The best cars of american production

>IntroductionThe best American-made cars have gained immense popularity among Russians, the main advantage of which is good quality. The foreign auto industry, which has been developing for more than one decade, regularly undergoes high ups and

Rating the best crossovers with mileage up to 300,000 rubles

>With such a small budget, it is difficult to choose a suitable car in the proper technical condition, not broken and not repainted. In our rating, we will consider the consumer qualities of Chevrotel Niva, VAZ 2121, Chevrolet Trail Bazer, UAZ

Rating of the most reliable cars in the world by age groups

>The reliability of the car plays for many a key role in the question of choosing a new and especially used vehicle. Almost all new cars are in optimal condition when it comes to good and leading global manufacturers. They calmly serve your

Comparison of kia sid and skoda octavia - which car is

>Low cost cars of category C - perhaps the best choice as an economical utility vehicle. Among them you can find comfortable sedans, rational all-rounders and hatchbacks, which occupy a middle position - diversity is often the main requirement of

Best 7-seater crossovers and suvs for russia 2016-2017

Content Classification of 7-seater carsBenefits and ConvenienceList of the most popular seven-seater crossovers and SUVs in RussiaRating of 7 local crossovers and SUVs for the priceWhat to consider and how to choose the right 7-seater car
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