What cars are considered the worst in the west

>Какие автомобили считаются самыми плохими на западеAlready many Western publications, besides their ratings of the TOP of the best cars, also publish articles on the topic of the worst cars. Methods and evaluation criteria were different: some

Rating of crossovers up to 1.3 million rubles

>With a sum of 1 300 000 rubles, a potential buyer of the crossover has the opportunity today not only to purchase a car from the passenger compartment, but also to choose the right option for it.Так как кроссовер — это универсальный автомобиль

Top luxury cars

>F-class takes a special step in the classification of cars. After all, these are cars of the representative segment, which almost every car enthusiast dreams of. .A feature of the class are the impressive size of cars, great emphasis on the

The most reliable cars: car reliability rating from tuv

The German concern TÜV SÜD is the undisputed leader in the field of expertise, testing and certification. For more than a century and a half of history, he won the love and recognition of those consumers for whom exceptional quality is not just an

Rating of the most practical cars

>Автомобили в современном мире — это не просто средства для передвижения, но и надежные помощники, а также друзья для своих владельцев. It is not difficult to buy a car cheaply, because the market is filled with interesting offers for every taste,

Rating of the most reliable used cars

>Very often, people search online for profitable options for buying used cars. They are bought more often than cars from the salon without a run. There are several objective reasons explaining such a great demand for the secondary car market among

Top ten roadsters rating

>In the modern view, cars for 2 seats, including the driver, with a sporty bias are called roadsters. This is a sports gigs. Such a term is rightly considered a marketing ploy aimed at emphasizing the sporting character of cars.At first, roadsters

Rating cars up to 200 thousand rubles

>There are different situations in life. One of them is when you urgently need a car, you do not want to get into loans or it is impossible, and the amount on your hands is quite small. It became interesting to us: how realistic is it to buy a

How to choose a used suv up to 700 thousand rubles

>If you like jeeps, and the usual sedans or station wagons are absolutely not suitable, the current range of this type of car is encouraging. With a budget of seven hundred thousand rubles, a lot of interesting models are available to you. There

The best cars from japan

>In Japan, the auto industry loves to amaze with its new products. By releasing high-quality cars to the external and domestic markets, developed using sophisticated technologies, using luxurious, expensive materials and for a good price, Japanese
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