Rating of cheap used suvs

>In the modern world it is more than difficult to buy a good and reliable SUV for a moderate price! However, while some are in despair, others are looking for ways to become the owner of a car that has been traversed everywhere. The best option to

Rating of male cars

>The car is part of the image of a man, an indicator of his status, and sometimes character. It is no secret that many models are considered exclusively female. If a guy is driving this car, then he most likely will not avoid smirks and sidelong

The best minibuses: rating of minibuses for reliability

The purchase and use of minibuses in developed countries of the European Union is not new. Due to their popularity in Western countries, practicality and universal use of these comfortable and roomy machines. You can operate them in different ways.

Rating of the best cars of 2000

>IntroductionRatings, which include only the best cars, are not only for potential consumers. No less interested in the quality of the produced vehicles and the largest insurance companies. In view of this circumstance, the most famous foreign

The best suvs in 2018

>It is always difficult to determine the best car, because a wide range of different criteria is taken into account. Therefore, automotive publications prefer ratings. In the ranking, you can collect a wide list of cars that equally claim to high

Rating of the most popular brands and best-selling car

>On the quality, efficiency and reliability of the machine in many ways says its popularity. After all, if the car is bad, no one will buy it in quantities of more than a few million a year. Because automakers are carefully working on their

Which cars are the most powerful in the world

>Modern automotive industry and its range allow you to choose a car for anyone who wants to get the iron "friend." When choosing a car, everyone has different needs and wishes: some with the help of an elite car try to emphasize their status,

Rating navigators for car 2017

Technology does not stand still. Just 10 years ago, a car equipped with a GPS device was considered inaccessible to most drivers. Not every car could boast of such a device. In 2017, almost every vehicle is equipped with advanced satellite navigation

Reliable, high-quality and affordable cars with mileage

>The most popular used cars on the territory of the Russian Federation are Toyota, Ford and Renault. The most affordable is to include the model AvtoVAZ.В последнее время новые авто продаются всё хуже, что обуславливается снижением финансовых

The timeless charm of the classics: the most beautiful retro

>The history of cars as such began more than a hundred years ago. During this time, a scrupulous researcher in the history of the global automotive industry will be able to count more than 5 thousand different brands of cars. Yes, most of the
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