Sports car rating

>The speed has long attracted people and forced them not to stop there. A little more than a hundred years ago, the racers called movement at a speed of 30 km / h insanity, and today's race cars easily develop 10 times greater performance and even

The best budget suv 2018

>Purchasing a personal car is always a dilemma, which is caused by a difficult search for a suitable vehicle model with excellent characteristics and at an adequate price. Increasingly popular at the present time, cars are gaining off-road

Rating of the fastest cars of this year

>For many, the love of a car is not determined by comfort, price, economy and other useful and understandable criteria, but by a simple and transparent function - speed. The faster the car, the cooler! And there are enough automakers who feel the

Rating the best suvs up to 1200000 rubles

>Recently, crossovers are gaining more and more popularity, due to their high level of comfort. These cars are large, they can accommodate 5-7 people who can sit freely and comfortably. Possess remarkable passability and are convenient during the

Rating the best cars with a budget of 250000 rubles

>A car in the modern world has become mandatory in every family. Unfortunately, today is quite a difficult time, and many people have become somewhat more difficult with money. If you have a 250,000 and take more money in the near future, there is

Top trucks for work

>If you are interested in what kind of truck is better to buy for a living, then you need to focus on practicality and inexpensive operation of the vehicle. Entrepreneurs want the truck to bring maximum profit and demand a minimum of expenses for

Best chinese crossovers and suvs: ranking of 2017

According to car experts, in 2017, Chinese cars, namely, SUVs and crossovers, will make a noticeable competition to similar cars from Europe and America. Inexpensive for the price, they attract reliability and security. Easy repair and maintenance

The cheapest to maintain suvs and crossovers

>When buying and owning a car, the costs of scheduled and unscheduled repairs are becoming an important part of the car owner's budget. People when choosing a car is guided and a reasonable desire to save their money. Crossovers and SUVs are not

Rating of the best cars of the 90s

>IntroductionThe time is so fleeting that to some it may still seem that the epoch of the 90s is over quite recently. The middle generation clearly remembers the Tetrises and Tamagotchi that were the most popular at that time, which were replaced

Invulnerable: which car is the most durable in the world?

>Ask any more or less sensible motorist about what kind of car he advises to buy. "Reliable!", - the experienced will answer, and it will be the most correct advice. Of course, the adjective in this case is very streamlined and speaks in general
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