Rating of the most powerful suvs and jeeps in the world

The beauty and power of modern off-road vehicles is all that fans and speed need. The original models allow you to drive around without problems and on the roads of the city, and on the routes, and on dirt terrain. Attractive cars and reliable

Rating of the best used suvs up to 500 thousand rubles

>Crossover (Crossover SUV) - North American-type car, built on the platform of an ordinary car with a monocoque body, but has similar characteristics of a classic SUV.Used crossovers are as popular as newПродажи б/у паркетников на вторичном рынке

Cheapest suvs and crossovers of the year 2016-2017

Buying a modern jeep is usually associated with high costs. But many automakers go to meet customers, releasing low-cost crossovers and SUVs with good performance dynamics, terrain and fuel consumption. Such budget models differ from expensive

Status with a star sign - the most expensive cars mercedes

>Mercedes has never set itself the goal of producing cheap mass-produced cars capable of satisfying unpretentious buyers - from the very beginning, high-class comfortable cars were made under the sign of a three-beam star. And you can see the

Rating the best used crossovers to 1 million rubles

>In recent years, the secondary sales market has become for many car buyers a worthy alternative to car dealerships. And this is not surprising. Even last year, potential buyers with a budget of one million rubles, who wanted to buy a crossover,

Rating of used crossovers up to 700 thousand rubles

>Potential buyers, who have about 700 thousand rubles, are thinking about buying a car. Someone needs a regular sedan or station wagon, while others want to buy a full-fledged crossover. It is pleasant to understand that there is an impressive

Top used small cars

>In the market for used cars you can easily find a wide list of all kinds of vehicles. Someone needs a big SUV, others want a compact crossover or sedan. And there is a category of buyers who need a small car for the city.Overview of used compact

French car rating

>Rumors and facts about French carsMany complain about the high cost of cars from France, someone - on the complexity of the repair. Some believe that the French are exclusively female cars. Nevertheless, walking through the streets of any city,

The right approach when choosing a used car

>Buying a used car is risky, you can buy a hundred times beaten and a hundred times repainted, or even criminal nature. It is easy to buy a good car from your hands, you just need to be patient and know some nuances.Читать дальше о том, как

Annual european competition "car of the year"

>Everybody needs machinesCars have long been an integral part of our lives. Thanks to them, an entire industry has been created, which is a significant part of the entire global economy. Production of cars, spare parts, various related products,
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